Second Ultra sound

So I have had my second ultra-sound regarding the lymph-nodes. Good thing about having a student do the first scan, was I got to learn things when the supervisor came in to do the second scan. She would ask him what he measured, if he looked at this one or that, and a few times she’d say things like “Oh, did you see this one?”, “Did you catch that? That needs to be measured.”, and other such things. Now, while they can’t discuss what they find/see, that sure helped me figure a few things out. She did mention something about the thyroid, but I didn’t catch it fully. Not sure if it was just mentioning its location, or if it was about measuring it? (I darn near dozed off I was so tired at the time. hehe)


So from what I gather, the large lymph-nodes are still there, no clue if they’ve changed any, but since she seemed to “figure out which one needs looking at” … yeah, pretty sure they’re still there. heh I have a feeling my “under the weather feeling” is also showing some new ones? She seemed to take pictures near the side of my neck, the lymph-nodes that ALWAYS get a bit big when I am feeling gross (even when it is just from the thyroid numbers).

Which leads me to my thyroid numbers. I can’t remember if I mentioned it yet, but when I had my doctors appointment my thyroid numbers were up to 3. He gave me a new prescription, but with the budget being so tight I have put off getting them. I still have 2 weeks of my old prescription so that’s not an issue. If Boss-man ever follows through on my early pay (he said he would Tues or Wed … Still nothing) I’d not feel so bad getting an early re-fill.

It’s weird how “normal” numbers for most throw my body off so much. I can sure tell. It’s the whole tired exhausted all day, but not sleeping at night, that gets me the most. I am getting use to the brain grinding to a hault with no notice, and the forgetting. I don’t like it, but I can deal with it. It’s the wacky sleep that annoys me most. Especially as I was JUST getting back to a good sleep. :/ mm Well, not good in the “normal” sense. hehe I was finally getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep though. Just had to work on the time I got to bed (too late, had formed into a habit from so long of no choice). And now, in the last 4 days – week I have noticed it creeping back to bad. Only 6 – 7 hours of sleep, tired all day, no energy, no WANT to do anything, easily overwhelmed just by THINKING about doing anything around the house, guilt about that, and yet it seems like as soon as 10 or 11 at night hits, I am wide awake.

Ah well. Really need to remember to talk to doc about if I need a T3 med as well.

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