No news is good news?

So just saw the doctor regarding my second ultra sound of my lymph nodes. Not much to report really. Yes, they are still a BIT big, as in millimetres. Possible because I am fighting something (apparently loads of illnesses going around right now), or maybe something else, but unlikely.

Since this ultra sound was so quickly after the other, no real changes to actually say there is, or isn’t, a problem. Sort of figured that when they called for my appointment time. Last time it took a month to get in, which we assumed would happen this time, but it only took a week.

I am to go back in October or November to get another ultrasound to see what’s going on. The end of August I am to go in and get my blood count looked at to see if it is high. A connect the dots thing I suppose? My WBC (white blood count) was a bit high in January, and I am a bit under the weather right now, so if it is still high in a month, it may or may not be an illness.

I don’t know. I understood what he said while I was there, but now I am foggy on details. This is why I try to blog right as soon as I get home, but today a potential tenant showed up when I got home, so some time has past and my memory just isn’t good enough to handle more than one set of information packets. My brain is running DOS, maybe windows 3.1, but certainly less than 56Kb of memory. hehe

But, yeah. The white blood count in a month, in conjunction with the ultra sound in 3 will tell the doctor something I guess? I really am not to worried about it. I have noticed other lymph nodes come and go so much (which is what started this whole thing) that it really isn’t fazing me much. After all, that is what lymph nodes are for! They get big a mean and tough and fight off the bad guys, then when the problem is gone, they go back to being small, meek and mild nice guys.

Besides, even if it was something major, it is what it is and no point sweating what might be, when there really isn’t anything decided. *shrugs* 3 extra months isn’t going to make that much of a difference when you are talking 2 or 3 millimetres to large. Now if they were 5 or more millimetres to large, then maybe 3 months might be a big deal.

Personally? my theory on these bad boys? My system is out of whack. My TSH is 3 (possibly more now), I am still not sleeping right, kid is sick, hubby is stressed, and while I am not feeling the stress “like normal folk” it is there, hubby is feeling under the weather as well (after all, stress lowers immune system), so yeah, I am surprised those little ole lymph nodes aren’t inches bigger!

Now, if you will excuse me, I think it is nap time.

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