Off night

This “bug” I have is kicking my ass. Not just physically, that’s not too bad. Get tired and stomach pains, but for the most part ok. No, it’s messing with my mood(s). Overall I haven’t been bad, but then I’ll get “flashes” just brief (like, 5 – 10 minutes long?) moments where I feel down right depressed. Not the pit of it, but in there pretty good. Like a flashback in a movie, you see it clearly as if it were at the moment, but then it’s gone. Only, depression.

Just very glad it’s fleeting. Know it’s just because I am feeling sick, but still unsettling. Not sure I want to jinx anything, but so far it’s only been 4 times. Once (if) I can get to sleep, if I can get a good solid sleep, I think that will help.

It’s one thing to get a single flash once a week or not often, but so many in one day. That was what unsettled me.

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