Quick nothings

I am at that point in my mood “cycle” (for lack of a better term) where I want to do things, post things, TALK to people (that last one is huge, if you know anything about me!), but yet, I still have no energy, just want to whine about my life, and really have nothing to say.

Ever get to that point? The trick is getting to the other side where you actually follow through. Problem is, all the things I want to do take money, at least a bit (gas for a car ride, coffee, a movie…) and we are  Aso tight right now it hurts. Me, trying to juggle it all (bills and shit). Hubby, the stress of no money…blames himself, and how can he use his sick leave to clear his mind from work if he can’t relax worrying about having no money? And the kid. Man, that boy is taking it all in, feeling our pressures, worrying. He wants to get a job, but he is to picky about what sort (hates people, won’t work a clerk position) and worries because he dropped out, no one will hire him. *sigh*

Anyway. I could ramble forever about nothing, but I think that’s enough for tonight. Need to rest up for my respiratory tests tomorrow. No clue what they’ll have me do. But it’s am hour drive. Ugh.

Did manage to borrow some money, so at least we can make it a family outing with supper (just cheap fast food) and movie.

Can’t remember last movie we saw in a theater.

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