Rambling brain dump

You’ve been warned! This is just me dumping my brain’s dumb rambling thoughts. I have too many rattling around right now, and it’s making it hard to really focus on anything. Even stupid stuff like reading twitter is difficult when your brain keeps bashing thoughts around like bumper cars that are out of control (yeah, yeah, that’s the whole point of bumper cars, but I mean even more than usual. πŸ˜› My simile, I can word it how I want. Neener)

I’ll start with my respiratory testing. I have no clue what I was expecting. I thought maybe treadmills, or something, but I just sat in some clear box with my mouth around a tube … err, a plastic tube, or measuring my breathing. OH SHUDDUP! You know what I mean. Only my mind should be in the gutter, not yours. Not enough room. Anyway, so this clear box had a door, which at one point in time had the air sucked out, but I am jumping ahead. (see? Thoughts are SO scrambled) So I walk in the room, and he greets me with “Hi, I drink to much coffee and talk to fast. How are you today?” *blink* I am sure at some point he told me his name, but I have no clue what it is. So I will call him Mr. Hyper.

So, Mr. Hyper has me sit inside this clear box with a weird partial chair that looks like the seat came from an old 70’s middle school desk. You know the one? With the shape of an ass imprint, and wooden. It was sort of springy, so if you moved a certain way you felt like you might be ejected from the box. But, was surprisingly comfortable. It was on hydraulics like an office chair.

The tube that you breath into was more or less fixed in it’s place. It could go up or down, but the lowest it could go was a tiny bit to high for me, so I had to lean forward. Hmm as I type this, I have to wonder if that was by design. It did extend my chest some, sort of “opening it up” I felt like I was able to breath better. *smacks forehead* ok, so I never claimed to be a quick witted person, But I do get there eventually.

I had to do all sorts of things, from inhaling ALL the air, and exhaling all the air, panting, panting while getting NO air (that one was a bit unnerving, especially as it was with the door shut and no air (he said something about pressurizing?) in the box with me … First time we did that one I ALMOST had a bit of a panic attack. But I kept it together, and he must have had others say something, because he talked to me through the speakers the whole time, telling me how good I was doing etc.

I got really dopey and light headed by the end of it all, and he is throwing information at me so fast I just couldn’t absorb it all. I do remember that my breathing is around 117% Which is average for my height, weight, age, etc. Not sure how 117% is average when 100% is total? :/ Never was good with numbers and math stuff. But I will believe him. I do know he said I do NOT have COPD, which is a VERY good thing. And he was quite surprised I was a smoker, as my breathing did not indicate that at all. (I have been told that many times. Even had an x-ray tech tell me she would never have known I was a smoker from my x-rays/ultra sounds. Which apparently is unusual? I don’t know.I DO however have asthma due to allergies. And Mr. Hyper told me I should have some prednisone on hand at all times in case of an attack. From what I remember him telling me, what I go through every spring is a SEVER asthma attack, and most folks end up in the hospital? I told him I thought sever is if you can’t breath at all, not just struggling. *shrugs* But what do I know. With all the smoke in the air right now, he did say I was having asthma now (well then). And I can feel it, but nothing I don’t have under control.

So yeah, all in all, it was good I went! NOW doc can quit calling what I have COPD, with asthma. πŸ˜› HA!

The whole family has been feeling “off” lately. Pretty sure a good portion of that is split between money, and the heat. Add to that the smoke in the air (even folks withOUT breathing problems have been complaining. The whole house smells like a camp fire, and that is with all the windows shut and an A/C going. It is no wonder I wake up all stuffed up, and no one is sleeping well.

As for money? it’s now about a month and a half (or more?) without EI. I swear, EI time limit will expire by the time we get it (only allowed on it for 4 months), and we will get one giant assed cheque . πŸ˜€ Dumb-asses. Wish they’d get their act together. I GET that mental health is one of the biggest “faked” illness. But I mean come on. HOW is delaying it so long helpful to those WITH real problems? HOW Is hubby suppose to relax and de-stress when this hangs over his head? Whatever, Just glad my boss-man was good enough to give us an advance. ALSO glad we have enough food stocked up. MIGHT get to the point of only eating chicken or sandwiches, but at least it’s food. πŸ˜€ Ah well. Bills are paid, for the most part, some late, but better late than never right?

I think as a family it would really help our “sleepies” (we are all always so tired) if we could just get out and do stuff more, like the movie last night, just not so late! Problem is, during the day it is so hot, and the smoke is so thick all the time it is difficult to even want to leave the bed let alone the house. Add to that most things need money of some sort – gas for the car, drinks, or food – that being on such a tight budget makes it down right impossible. The only reason we could do the movie yesterday is because we had a “cushion” for food stuffs that I borrowed from. After all, SOMETIMES you just HAVE to do something fun. And it really WAS worth spending the money. πŸ˜€ I’d do it again. Was a fun movie we all enjoyed.

hmm I had more thoughts, but I think they’ve leaked out, or hidden. I am sure you are all so sad about that. hahaha πŸ˜‰



It’s hot, smokey, and we are a lazy family. But my lungs are ok.


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