Doctor, no not who!

Had checkup today. BOY I hate physicals/PAP tests. *shudder*

Oh, MIGHT be TMI in the post, so if you get squeamish about bodily fluids or vaginae, stop reading now. You’ve been warned. 😀


So, Today was a minor appointment, in terms of what to report, not much mention of the thyroid, though he did feel my throat and speculates that the lumps are just the lymph-nodes acting up when feeling under the weather.

For my sleeping patterns he recommended no more than 2 – 3 days worth of pills. Sad me. I am hoping to plan out the next 3 nights I will try to get my sleep regulated.

Shouldn’t have had PAP today, to close to my period. I misread the calendar. oops. He had a difficult time seeing the cervix. But he thinks it might be fine. Breast exam went well. And even though MY scales says I’ve lost 10 pounds theirs shows I only lost 4. VERY sad me.

Umm what else? I had tenderness in my side when he did the pelvic exam, but we think it might be a … umm, something to do with my bowels? (distended? or something.) Nothing serious though. But I MUST remember to take about surgery for my hemorrhoids next appointment. I keep forgetting.

OOh, and we talking briefly about my asthma (another thing I must go into more detail with him next time), and he wants me to get checked for sleep apnea. Seriously, what I DON’T have is easier to list at this point. Okay, not really. Just seems that way.

Mood is okay so far, minor swings. And I am wedding out folks from Facebook and other social media that I either don’t read their stuff, or disagree with horribly, OR that just show no interest in me whats so ever. Sad thing is? People I have meet online seem to care more about me than those I know in person. What’s up with that?? Just easier to remove them and move on.

Days are getting shorter, so I will have to be careful regarding my moods. Which should be helped with regulating my sleep.

That’s about it for now.


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