Asthma blows, and sucks …

Okay, the title itself sucks, but first thing in the morning after waking to an asthma attack? Ehn, what’d you expect. I’m not miss witty at the best of times. hehe

So as I am pretty sure you are a smart person who can figure things out, I will only state the obvious once, I woke up with an asthma attack. This is the 3 morning in as row I have woken up with a stuffy nose and clogged throat, with difficulty breathing. This morning you can throw in disorientation and sweating.

The part I hate about them happening while I sleep, is not knowing the exact trigger, could have been cat sleeping near face, duct, something from day before, or just because. I also really do NOT like waking up to them because it really is nerve wracking.

The hard part of this, is I have at least one week before I can see my doctor, as he is on holidays for a week. And once he is back, who knows how long to get in (Bad thing about a good doctor, they get busy. Preferred when he was just starting). Oh, 2 weeks isn’t bad, and right now I can get it under control fairly easy, and seldom need my rescue inhaler during the day (maybe once at night? Twice yesterday).

Didn’t have the time to get into my asthma/tests this past appointment, but at that point I had only had one attack 2 days before and it was controlled. I need an  appointment that is JUST about my asthma, no thyroid things, no hemorrhoids, no colds, no aches, JUST my asthma. Need to talk about having something on hand for when it is not controlled (if it continues to happen longer than X days). According to the breathing test guy (Doctor?) these … spells? attacks? even though short lived, can be classed as severe once I get to the point where I just can’t shake that feeling I am not getting enough oxygen. And I should have something (he and I discussed the Prednisone, as that is what kicks it for me) on hand that I take on the third day.

And that’s just it. I don’t know if he means now? BEFORE it gets to be an all day thing (but I need my rescue inhaler occasionally), or if he means once it is steady all day. THAT is what I need to sit down with my doctor and figure out.


I am just glad my fall one is nothing like my spring one. Mmm also need to talk about that, prevention. AND I need to talk to family about better control of things in the house ie: Cat litters, kids rabbit, and the dust. I can NOT do any of it, and sometimes even sweeping affects me. Dust mopping isn’t as bad as a broom, but still throws stuff up.

Going to get me a mask (A really good HEPA style one) for while hubby and kid is gone for a week. Because I plan on killing ALL DUST BUNNIES, and even mopping all floors and maybe even airing the house out one last time before winter, if it stays warm enough. Yep, masks should help. And I will start SLOW the first day, make sure it doesn’t get out of control. The breathing that is, not the cleaning. LOL

I have a dust vac, but it’s old and not great. I wish I had a cordless one I could just haul out, no sweeping necessary.

Well, it’s been an hour, I seem ok. Maybe I will go back to bed now.

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3 Responses to Asthma blows, and sucks …

  1. Prednisone is a temporary fix. I take it after a major attack, but don’t get talked into taking it on the regular. It’s a steroid that, while it makes you feel amazing while you’re on it, does long-term damage to the rest of your body. Joints, skin, eyes, etc. I was on it daily for over three years and I’m seriously paying for it now. There are other meds available. I’ve been on a variety of them over the years. Right now it’s Advair (daily inhaler for the asthma) combined with Spiriva (daily inhaler for the allergy stuff) and Singulair pils. All that and I still have to avoid my triggers – most animals with dander, most trees while blooming, and strong scents – or I’m back in the ER. Don’t hesitate to seek emergency care if it gets too bad as lack of oxygen causes other crap to go wrong with your body. I know,I know, you wait hoping it will get easier to breathe but there’s a threshold you don’t want to pass before it’s too late.


    • Susan says:

      Forgive mistakes, typing from phone.

      Oh, trust me I do know the risks of prednisone. I have had it twice now, first time I had it was when they finally figured out what was going on, I had from Feb – Sept with coughing and breathing problems. It was a nightmare. One day on the prednisone and it was heaven. I could breath. They gave me 7 day at lowest dose possible.

      Second time was this spring. After 3 weeks (nothing like first time. Have never been THAT bad again. *knock on wood*) I put my foot down and told them to give me the prednisone.

      I take Advair every morning and night and have salbutamol in case my breathing becomes bad. Most of the year I am fine. Spring and fall I have to be careful though, or this happens.

      Finally had a proper breathing test a few weeks back (I posted if you haven’t seen it?) thankfully it is NOT COPD just plain old allergic asthma. No clue what set this one off. Few ideas, but no solid ones.
      Doc who did breathing tests told me I should have the prednisone on hand for this. He said I should have to go more than 3 days.
      BUT, of course I haven’t spoken to my doc about it. 3 days seems a bit premature, yet when going through it, too long. And really, do I take 1 day? 2? We have no “action plan” except the Advair and salbutamol.

      Brain getting foggy. Now 4:16 am and still not asleep. If I remember, I will read your comment more closely tomorrow and add anything I may have forgotten.


    • Susan says:

      Ok, I am awake (mostly), had a coffee, and am at my computer. Let’s try this properly now that I can see your full post.

      I see you said “don’t get talked into taking it on the regular”. Yeah, I don’t think that will be an issue. Since the only way I can even get doc to give it to me is if I have been having issues for about 2 PLUS weeks, and even this last spring I only got it because I saw his partner not my doc. He HATES the stuff (but will prescribe it IF he HAS to). I just want some on hand in case.

      I want to take what the breathing test guy said, and talk to doc and come up with an ACTUAL plan. I don’t even have a breathing measuring thingy. I want to know how many days I should wait before panicking, I want to know WHAT is “severe” I want I want … The guy/doctor who did the tests said that what I described regarding my prolonged “attacks” are severe? But it doesn’t make sense in my head. It’s just coughing, headaches, and some discomfort in breathing. I can live with it (sort of). I always assumed severe meant like in movies and TV, CAN’T breath, and major panic. I need more information. I need a plan for when this happens. How long is to long, and other than my Salbutamol (which sometimes only works for a very short time), what can I do if I am having trouble.

      Yeah, I think my main triggers are dust and pollen? But beginning to think one of our cats may be adding to the issue. See, we have 3 cats. 2 sisters and the baby. Of the 2 sisters, one use to be “mine” a real sucky baby. Before I found out I am allergic to cats, I knew that I could not let her near my face or I’d get itchy face for a short time, and if I got one of her hairs in my eye? Oh look out! People would think I had pink eye for a few days. YET, her sister never bothered me?? And our baby? (Who would wear me as a suit if she could) doesn’t cause any reaction. Not even if I get a hair in my eye? It’s the oddest thing.

      … Umm where I was going with that is … with the summer (short as it was) so hot this year, we had the bedroom left open to get some of the A/C cooler air in there. I think the build up of her in there the last 2 months was part of my problem. Add to that the leaves falling and the late blooming plants/flowers now dying and blowing around, and it was just a bad combination.
      We’ve had the bedroom closed up for 2 days now, and this morning I woke up much less stuffed up, and while needing my Advair (even when fine I can tell if I miss a dose), I am much better.

      Last night as I was dozing off I thought of something else “important” (in my mind) I had wanted to mention, but damned if I can remember it now! LOL

      I do appreciate your comment though. Prednisone is NOT to be messed with lightly, and since I probably never mentioned that doc is stingy with it, the reminder is wise. Some docs may slough off the seriousness of the drug.


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