Honest, I only seem lazy. (most of the time)

I know most people who know me (including my parents) would call me lazy when it comes to house work, exercise, and probably other things too. I admit it, sort of.

I have never been a neat freak, toys and such lying around looking “messy”, but I’ve kept a clean house. Sure, I don’t do baseboards, and the windows probably only get done once a year, but I swept many times a day, mopped usually once every few week-once a month.

But since my health began to decline a few years ago (starting with a cold, only to be diagnosed 7 months later as allergic asthma – 7 month long asthma attack, basicly), I have gotten worse. I still sweep, but can’t dust (have to be out of house about 24 hours after being done if someone else does it), not even wet dusting helps, no point mopping, the family wears their shoes through the house *scowl*, and laundry is in the basement which is musty, dusty, and I have to go through the kids (MESSY) room that has the rabbit in it (very allergic). OH, and don’t forget my thyroid which has my energy up and down, mostly down. That kicked in almost as soon as my asthma issue was solved*.

So between my asthma and my thyroid, I seldom did much more than sweep and dishes. And a bit of tidying – couch cushions, pillows, that sort of thing. It added(s) to my depression when it flares up. I don’t mind having a lazy day or 5, but always? It drives me CRAZY! At the first signs of my asthma I have a tiny panic attack flashing back to that first time before I was diagnosed. The WEEKS of barely breathing, coughing so much I’d throw up. Wearing diapers because of the coughing, and no sleep. It was a nightmare I never wish to live again. And yes, I plan on making an appointment with doc about JUST my asthma. With everything going on regarding my thyroid, we have had little time to focus on my asthma. Since to mainly just flares in the spring and fall, and is mostly under control, it hasn’t been a priority.

Which brings me to today. my husband and son have gone up to the cabin with my dad and Mom’s cousin. A boys week if you will. Since yesterday was a bit of a run around preparing them to leave this morning, I didn’t get to relax for my birthday. So, today was to be my do nothing day.

Didn’t work that way! I ended up trying to nap (was very tired), couldn’t sleep. Kept thinking I heard the phone, door, my name, etc. So gave up on that. Figured I’d game (Got Diablo 3 with new computer). Well, I couldn’t concentrate, felt restless. That’s when I decided I would do some laundry, maybe get some fresh sheets on the bed and some clean house-clothes**. BUT when I got down there, the half of the basement that is unfinished and houses the laundry, looked horrific. The storage area was cluttered, but okay. It was about 2/3 of the basement covered in literal garbage (used tissues and the like) ripped old clothes, over bleached items, that sort of thing. PLUS being a musty basement with crappy floors (someone thought putting vinyl down directly on cement was a good idea, and it peels up causing the floors to chip and turn to dust) really made it look like someone had thrown dirt every where. I decided to clean. I didn’t even think about the mask we bought so I could do the cat litters while they are gone. Just figured I could do it, I felt good.

After almost an hour of cleaning I realized my mistake in forgetting about the mask. Too late, I got it and used it. I am sure it prevented a much worse problem, but it was already enough to cause me to STILL be having problems even now, 5 hours later and many uses of my emergency inhaler. Not bad enough for me to worry, but enough I have to wear the mask when I go downstairs (which makes me short of breath, but not in a bad way – just feel like not getting enough air while wearing it).

anyway, I am losing my focus in this story, and I need more water. So, I will just end with, I feel like a dolt for forgetting, but I feel good I got stuff done. Just hate how this makes me feel, the asthma attack, and while it’s getting better, the muscle aches, tiredness and headaches take longer to go away. PLUS every time I cough it tastes like a musty old basement and it’s GROSS!!!


*ETA* AND the body aches. *sigh* Old, falling apart, and out of shapes, but difficult to do anything about it, without it making it worse.



*I say solved because they ended up giving me Prednisone after 7 months. But really, If I can’t do ANYTHING that might upset my lungs, I wouldn’t even call it controlled, let alone solved. Just figured out what it was.


** I have clothes that are nice enough to be seen in, very comfortable and stretchy, but not something I’d wear in public. *shrugs* I  only have a few yoga like pants (much looser fitting, but similar material and stretch, with pockets), and only one sweat shirt that needed a re-wash (chilly now, and sat in drawer for months).

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