We all need positivity in our lives

Okay, I realized (long ago really) that most of my posts are “poor me”. I don’t plan it that way. It’s just, when things are good I am enjoying it rather than posting about it.

So, since I posted two poor mes so close together, I have decided to post a “YAY ME” post instead.

Here it goes, some good that is in my life right now. While still under the weather, I have been sleeping better, getting house work done, and enjoying the sunshine that is out there.

In regards to my thyroid, we are at the point in my new medication I usually feel a back slide in my symptoms (2 month mark), BUT, other than the sick thing, I am actually feeling pretty good. My memory is still improving. I am actually remembering things I wrote down, WITHOUT looking at my notebook. *Does happy dance*

Also, with the husband out of the house/bed, I find my sleep patterns are slowly returning to normal. :/ Not sure if it is his restlessness or snoring, but whatever, I have 4 – 5 more nights to get my body back to normal sleep. And so far, it’s working well, and all without sleeping pills.

Tonight I am cooking supper for Mom and I. We get to have halibut!! Husband is VERY allergic to anything that lives in water (shellfish and fish, Fresh and salt water), so this is a great treat for me.  I plan on having no real starch with it, just carrots and broccoli. Two of my favourite vegetables. Mmm mouth is already watering!

Just hope we can keep conversation away from family and on lighter topics. (long story, not getting into that) Should be nice though. Before hubby was off work, I would call her almost every day for a chat, and we haven’t really had that for almost 4 months now.

Speaking of, I have to run and getting my supplies for tonight. Maybe even some sort of dessert. Yep, a nice (chilly – almost fall) day. Will soak up as much sun as I can while doing my errands, and try to keep thinking happy happy thoughts.

If you are reading this? Remember, just because it might be a bad day now, doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow. Just find one small thing to focus on – good hair day, someone smiled at you, something –  and remember, someone (maybe even me) loves you and cares about you. It can get better. *MmmWAHHH* (big kiss, if you didn’t get that)



Sunshine does a lot for me in case you didn’t notice. 😉 Sat outside in it until I froze (was only 5 C this morning, and I forgot my jacket. hehe)

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