Asthma Action Plan (AAP)!

Now does that sound like my asthma is an action hero or what?

“Okay Asthma, you have your action plan in place, how would you like to proceed?”

“Well, first I’m going to take out the bad guys, then …”

Yeah, okay, I need more sleep! Waking up every night for the past 3 – 4 nights not breathing properly sort of takes away some of that precious brain power I have worked so hard to get back these past 2 years. GRRR

Right, so the AAP, Doc and I agreed I needed better control over this, and while it is definitely allergy related, and twice a year isn’t so bad, longer than a few days is just not right. All research I did lead me to many different version of the same form. There’s 3 zones in asthma, Green, Yellow, and red (my lungs are a road and asthma is a traffic light! haha Oh, nap wasn’t enough I see). Green of course is the best, Yellow, danger, and red, well, of course is emergency (see, not rocket science, just tired and true colour coordination!).

Aside: We talked about me having a peak flow meter, he used one, we both forgot I was to have it. *facedesk*

My Peak flow should be an estimate 408 (no clue on the numbers and stuff, so please don’t ask me to explain), and today I was at 2… err 2 something, just over 50% of what I should be (I was suppose to have it, and find out the “can be” when my lungs are happy.)

I know I am becoming disjointed with this post, I apologize for that. Bad combination of trying to get all the information correct, and such crappy sleep. It really does mess with my abilities to use my brain in any normal way. :/

So, we have added the Prednisone for 5 days, now, as well as a refill of 5 days “in case” so I have it on hand and do not have to wait for so long next time!! REALLY eases my mind a lot with that. Here’s hoping the rest of what I say means I won’t need it in the future.

We have added Singular which somehow is specifically for allergic asthma, it is suppose to help prevent the allergens from causing the asthma in the first place. And since I usually only have issues in Spring and Autumn, I will be doing 2 – 3 months worth at my peak vulnerable times of the year (plus it’s very expensive, about $40 even with our 80% off at the til!!) And we have add an allergy nasal spray. That will start tas soon as I suspect I may enter the Yellow zone, and continue for about 2 weeks. Mostly To help prevent a relapse of and help the Prednisone do it’s job in healing, more than fixing? Or some such thing. He explained it, and I understood at the time, but my brain has since lost the retention of that knowledge. (My memory/retention is damned near at the point it was when my Thyroid was so bad!)

OH! Right, and (good thing I wrote it all down on my AAP as we talked. *whew*) I am also to up my Advair to twice each time for about 3 – 5 days when I enter the Yellow Zone.

Plus he gave me “hell” (his hell is your or my “Just remember to do …”) about going to the hospital. I really feel dumb about that though, I may get into the red zone, but I can usually get myself out in 4 -5 hours, just seems wrong to go. But, as he said, it’s really not good for me. After all it has made me weak and dizzy. Even in his office, when I stood up I felt light headed.

BUT, THANKFULLY, since I will have the Prednisone on hand (well, a quick trip to pharmacy), I won’t get into the red zone. I am to start taking it if I am in the Yellow zone for more than 3 days. YAY!! No more 2, 3, 4 weeks of this bullshit no breathing. Well, I breath, just doesn’t do me any good.

Mind you, we didn’t really talk a lot about what to do if I do get/stay in the Red zone…? But, that could be because even without my new medicines I can usually get myself out of that zone with in a few hours, and I don’t usually get to the Red zone until start of week 2?  So with my new medicines, and the Prednisone backup, Which starts on day 3 of the Yellow zone (or the second I hit Red zone, which ever comes first), I suppose it wasn’t something he figured needed more information than “keep doing the Yellow zone medication, and get your butt to the hospital.

The first Prednisone was taken at 10 am, and I can already feel a small difference. NO panic attacks and rushing for my rescue inhaler, and while I still have to be careful how fast I get up, move around, even going to the bathroom, I am feeling less panicked. Probably will wake tonight, but that should (if past history is to be believed) be that last night of that! Until next attack that is. :p

Of all my health problems, the asthma is really the scareiest physically. My panic doesn’t get extreem, but it is a horrible horrible reaction, and makes me feel sick. Also makes me wish to avoid it at all costs, which is how I became such a hermit. And why I avoind my treadmill that I love. I just think about it and I can feel that nagging “remember when …” “What happened that time that…” *SHUDDER* I have very HUGE respect for those that have honest to goodness panic attacks! HOLY CRAP!! You guys deal with that and SURVIVE IT!!!

Amazing people, STRONG people. I’d hug ya, but then I’d feel claustrophobic (regarding my breathing). So I’ll just high five ya! ^5

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