Breathing eas(y)ier

My asthma attack is under control, for now. But the whole family has some bug or another. Each with our own different symptoms. I have a “weird” head. I can’t explain it easily, it doesn’t feel stuffed up, just feels wrong. Like when you wear someone else’s shoes that are half a size to small. They fit, but they feel wrong. That’s my head. Today I get to add a sore neck, maybe pinched nerve or something in the shoulder and neck.

The husband is dealing with more tiredness than usual (which is a lot!), and upset stomach and a general ick feeling. The kid, is coughing, sneezing, tired, and all the other symptoms we have. I love the poor kid, but I am avoiding too much contact. I JUST got my breathing under control, I do not need to have my lungs become clogged up or whatever.

Not sure why or how we caught this damned thing, we are such hermits, and I am VIGILANT with not touching stuff when out shopping. Baffles me.

For me it is hard to tell what is a common bug and what could be from the asthma or even my thyroid problems. I am at that point with my current dosing it could be my thyroid numbers going out of whack again. But with all 3 of us feeling sick, I have to face facts it is just some bug.

Hopefully this will pass quickly, but it feels like forever now, and not showing signs of stopping.

Just as long as it stays out of my lungs, that is all I care about. I don’t even care if I feel sick, just not the lungs! Though, I REALLY hate smelling things that aren’t there. Perfumey smells, dirty smells, no one else seems to smell these things, but I do, and it is suffocating me! I have come to the conclusion that most of these are transferred smells. Someone touched something while they had that odour on their hand(s), and because of my sensitivity it seems very strong to me, while not to others. I am VERY sensitive to odours of any kind, more so since my allergies.

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