And life goes marching on

*Update at bottom re: the respiratory virus*

I have come to the realization that my health is really only of concern to myself, and I am guessing, my family.

I am learning that many idiots out there have no concern for anyone but themselves.

Let me explain that a bit better.

But, First, I have my asthma under control! YAY! Took awhile, and the Prednisone was the kick start to that healing, but didn’t work as effectively as usual. I think because I was worse than I care to admit. Which sort of freaks me out. I keep thinking that “serious” is when it is like what TV and movies show, and it isn’t. Sometimes serious can be just as bad, but usually it means you can get it under control for short (as in less than an hour) periods of time. It CAN mean sucking for air like a fish out of water, but sometimes it just means feeling like you aren’t getting enough air all the time, like you are breathing through a pillow. Which is how I feel a lot when having an attack. Just like my lungs don’t want/have enough air. And deep breathes cause a coughing fit to the point of throwing up most times.

But, back to the original thought. Assholes. Look, I am cool if you are only thinking about your own health, most people do. BUT, you CAN use some common sense while your are thinking about yourself.

Most importantly follow these tips:

1.) Do NOT Cough into your hands. EVER. Not even if it is “just allergies”. NEVER. EVER. Do you get it?

2.) IF you DO cough into your hands, do NOT TOUCH FOOD OTHERS MIGHT BUY. Just … DON’T! EWW

3.) this unhygienic stuff gross me (and many people) out. For me, almost to the OCD point where I darn near break into tears by the time I get home. (And wash my hands too long … twice!)

I never use to be this bad, and even if I just had asthma, I might not be. But asthma AND thyroid problems, which lowers my immune system so I catch everything? Yeah, I freak out a bit too much. I try to control it, look away, avoid the person/object that is wigging me out. But sometimes it is not controllable, especially if I am feeling under the weather (as I am) or have heard health concern crap on the news (which I do, but try to avoid).

But, honestly. How hard is it to cover your face with your elbow instead of your hands? or if you know you are going to be out, and may sneeze/cough/whatever, carry tissues or wipes? I sure as hell do. And really, to touch ever fucking vegetable you were looking at AFTER you sneeze 3 or 4 times into your bare hands? Just GROSS! Seriously. Pig.

AND according to the news, that viral respiratory thingy that is killing people has reached our province. *shudder* Mimics a cold and/or asthma. For a health ADULT it would probably just cause a trip to the doctor, MAYBE the hospital if things got out of hand, but for children and elderly and those with compromised immune systems, or asthma, it is –some really high percentage– chance of prolonged hospital stay or death. Which, let’s face it, has me just a little more than freaked out. And while the chances of me even being near someone who has been near someone who knows someone that was near someone with this thing is extremely low(at this time)? I can’t stop myself from worrying. I am *THIS* close to buying myself a medical mask and locking myself in a vacuum sealed bag! Don’t laugh, I would MAKE myself fit, and I’d do it to! ok, no, but you get my point right?

I don’t know how to stop myself from worrying (As for Ebola? Oddly, that isn’t even a blip in my mind? huh). It’s like some weird obsession, like having to have 5 ice cubes in my water, or having to have all plates a certain way. But more serious, this affects my leaving the house and shopping for food and stuff.

If anyone has tips to counter this brain issue of mine, would LOVE to hear them!!

Help me?

PS. That sneezing guy in the grocery store? Is why I can’t sleep tonight. When I close my eyes all I see is that. EW EW EW!

As for the title of this post, I am pretty sure no one else even noticed him, or even thinks about other people touching things before them, and what they may have done etc.

Life goes on, and I am stuck behind in panic mode.

I miss the old me so much. Didn’t care about germs, hardly got sick, hell went to work day after I feel down stairs and broke my ankle. (shitty boss was biggest reason, but still)

Now, Split ends can keep me in bed. hehe

OH! OH! OH! Good news though! I get my yearly birthday gift of a haircut!! Hoping to book it for Monday, unless she has an opening tomorrow. I left a message, so hope I get a call soon. It is out of control. Only time it behaves is when it is gross. For 2 days AFTER the day of washing it it is so static-y and long, and a wild mess I can only wear it in a pony tail, even while I sleep.

Maybe I will do before and after pictures.

Well, off to have nightmares. Nighty night.

I looked it up, I must have misremembered the broadcast I heard. No deaths mentioned, but it is mimicking polio with paralysis. And some children have been put on breathing support.
More information: news link
Still scary!

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