Just a short post tonight.

Since there isn’t a lot to report on health wise, I just wanted to mention that my mood has seemed to level out, but my breathing/cough seems to be trying to weasel its way back. *glares at pollen/dust/whatever triggered it THIS time. Hate to admit, I am just hoping snow flies soon. Only time I seem to be unaffected by allergens (as long as I don’t dust. NO problem there! heheh).

I have been trying to wear more colour in my “house clothes”. Not sure if it is working, but I am in a better mood. PLUS my drop box for the park came today, and I DO love me some office supplies. (I swear, I have a non-sexual fetish for office supplies. VERY unhealthy. 😀 BUt I love it, paper, envelopes, file folders, pens, pencils, furniture, you name it, if it can be used in an office I LOVE it. Same with crafting stuff. Probably stems from when I was a kid and the whole “back to school” big shop?

STILL hate clothes shopping though. ew OH and tools, I am NOT as obsessive as my son, but I do enjoy window shopping for tools.

Sad thing is, for all of the stuff I love? I hardly use. But who can explain what you love? I can’t.

Yep, over all, a good day. Mind, my sleep is getting out of whack again. But that is just me not going to bed at proper times, nothing to do with actually not sleeping.

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