Ranting and rambling

As usual, I will try to keep this brief, but we know how that often works.

Thyroid health seems to be stable, but hard to tell at the moment. My blood test was this week, so I will find out at my Doctors appointment Monday.

The whole family has been fight some bug or another for the past few weeks. I suspect the flu, which really sucks since the earliest we can get any flu shots around here is the 29th. *knock on wood* I am not bad, most of my symptoms are mild and disappearing now (but I get my period JUST as I am feeling better. Go figure). But kiddo has been getting progressively worse as the week has gone on. Hubby SAYS he is ok , but, he likes to lie to me. Don’t ya hun! Thinks I’ll worry too much or something? I know better!

I know he is hugely stressed right now. EI has run out (last cheque was about half), and no word on the LTD yet. I’m … cautious, but not overly stressed. (That usually happens once things are fine. I am backwards that way.) I am kicking myself though for getting the new computer, but, what is done is done. So no point in thinking of the what ifs.

The hard part of all this, is he does need to go talk to a psychologist or someone, BUT, we need to wait on LTD for that. X number of sessions are covered by his extended health, BUT we have to pay $175 (I think that’s the amount?) upfront for the deductible amount. Which, on EI we didn’t get enough, and LTD we aren’t sure. depends on their verdict. IF it is as much as we suspect, then not a problem. IF we get it right at the end of the wait time (doubt that) then only 1 week of nail biting on the bills.

I hate to do it, but I know my Dad would help us out if needed, and bossman seems fine if we need to ditch rent occasionally, as long as we tack it on the remainder of the year. I just HATE doing that, but if we have to, we will. Which is probably why I am not overly worried.

I know I am going to have to start calling the bill folks in a few days and explain that we’ll be late, and can we PLEASE keep our Phone, TV, electricity, etc.

And NO this does NOT mean I want anyone’s money! I am just venting. Not worried. I just get so pissed that these big companies can just do what they want and not even seem to care that we are sitting here in the dark not knowing what’s what. Just wish they had a bit more caring.

To be fair though, the LTD company did send a letter stating they were reviewing it and if hubby had questions he could call. But EI screwed us the whole time. Taking almost 3 months to get us any money, and then never warning us the last cheque would be less money. Or, if they DID warn us? It wasn’t any where we looked. We’ll probably get the letter 2 months from now letting us know.

AND it doesn’t help that once in a blue money our mail goes to another place in the park (Our numbers are similar — IF you drop numbers off ours) And that guy is an ass, never let’s us know he got it. Hell, when I got my passport? He got the notice, and went to try and pick it up!! Same with some paperwork for the park. Idiot!

Ok, that’s it for my ranting and rambling for today.

Why do we need money? Couldn’t we have a barter system? I am not a half bad at sewing (sort of), and I can bake really well. I could barter. šŸ˜€

Hey, if anyone wants a geeky comic purse, I’m your lady! (Though, that’s an expensive thing.)


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