All I do is moan

And whine. hehe

Just annoyed today. Health is fine, except no matter how much sleep I get, I am always tired. But I don’t think that is my thyroid. My numbers this last time were still nice and low (1.44), while above 1.3, not enough to up meds and still within the range of where I feel fine.

Pretty sure it is the weather/time of year (Maybe my S.A.D is acting up early? It’s dark at 4:30 now.

Add to that, I frustrated with how long “they” (EI and LTD folks) can drag stuff out. First EI, took about a month longer than the waiting period, and now LTD. They tell you to start the claim right away so the status is know as soon as waiting period if over (already approved/disapproved at that point). But we had to call them about 2? maybe 3 weeks after the waiting period was over, and we still don’t know. I just don’t understand how they can keep people in limbo? How are they suppose to concentrate on getting better/healthy if money is an issue?

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t too bad, we have food, heat etc. And thankfully a boss man who is ok with late rent etc (though, I would think maybe as impatient as us to get the money? LOL).

Little secret? Even though money is tight, I am actually sort of looking forward to Christmas this year. Oh, not the presents and stuff. But the decorations, the food, family, just the good times. Usually I only like the day of, and then just to see if folks like what I got/made/whatever for them. But this year, I am actually looking forward to it. Even trying to figure out what I might be able to make (baking etc) for folks if the money is less or whatever.

So yeah, I have my moments of up. But still pissed at not knowing right now! grrr

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