On time? I’m shocked

Actually, I am not that shocked. The lady handling hubby’s LTD claim is great. She is a go between. She works for the LTD company, but the actually decision and money comes from a 3rd party. Anyway, she said she’d call Friday, she called. Even though no news. Said she’d call Monday, she called. Even though it was good news.


We don’t know the amount (probably just the min amount I’d guess?) or the actual pay date. But Hubby has been approved! Here’s hoping he can now start the road to recovery and maybe some decent sleep?

Still hasn’t “hit me” like it usually does? Usually even if I know something will go a certain way, I still have a back up. Not this time I just knew in my gut it’d be fine. Maybe that’s why I am not feeling that release of energy/ecstatic feeling/stress or whatever it is? No real high or low. Just relief for hubby.

And yeah happy, but again, more for my husband. He so needed this to happen so he could lose the stress of money and work on dealing with the anxiety/depression surrounding work.

Few days (probably 10?) until we know how much and when. But it’s done. Whew.

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