Nothing to say, and all the time to say it

hmm Nope, more like so much to say, but not able to say it.

Having a rough time of it lately (flu or cold or bad food? something made me feel gross), on top of my menstruation, just made for a puddle of mess. Now that I am on the mend, I feel rather emotional. So, I am trying to avoid too much regarding Ferguson and the disgusting decision made by the grand jury. *sigh*

In MY life, lots going on, not a lot I can talk on here about without my husbands permission. Though I can say, as of this Friday (doctors appointment for me), I might just have a solution, or at least a step towards a solution, to my hemorrhoid/bowel issues.

Oh, sorry. BTW, this post may have TMI shit in it. *nudge* See what I did there? hah!!

Any way, she says with a sigh, if my mood was in a better place, I promise this post would have sounded more positive. Honestly, life appears to be on an up swing in many ways. And if I am getting all emo and shit, then it must mean the stress and hard times are done so that is my cue to have some sort of melt down at some point. Such an odd duck I am. Seldom lose my shit during hard times or stressful times, it is almost always after the fact when things are fine. *shrugs* I am the rock, my cracks don’t show for eons. 😛

Now, I think I am finally feeling tired enough to sleep. Weird, I hardly slept last night, still feeling a bit off, and yet I just didn’t feel tired.

Is nice though to sit here alone, family asleep (except the snoring cat that sounds like a freight train rolling past my head!!), no TV. Just quiet and my thoughts.

Just don’t want to go to deep. Might lose myself in the mire. 😉

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