And the mouse gets the cheese …

Just go back from doctor. At this point, it will be easier to list what I DON’T have. *head meet desk*

So, turns out, I probably have IBS (I have ALL the symptoms), so to double check he wants me to do a minimum of 3 months on an IBS diet, and I will have a colonoscopy and hemorrhoid removal.

For the most part this diet won’t be too hard, I love a fair amount of the “can always have” items, but WILL be hard? THE Hardest, EVER, is I have to avoid; red meat, caffeine, milk, chocolate(solid), dairy (NO! CHEESE, MY BELOVED CHEESE!), coffee(including decaf), and all pop! WHAT? I mean I could probably cut back/avoid most red meat, and some of the other no no’s I didn’t list, but the rest of what I listed? 😦 Maybe I can just live with the issues?

Oh god, kill me now!

This is going to be SO Much harder than I thought it would be, she said as she sips coffee and drinks Coca-cola.


*cries for next 3 months

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