Everything, nothing, and crappy spelling.

Some updates, and stuff. My IBS seems to be doing ok. I have not stuck to the “diet” to the letter of the law, But have been trying my damnedest. I have cut out the coke (the drink), think I have had one maybe two small (about 125 ml/1/2 cup) glasses in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Beef isn’t too bad, but I do need to take smaller amounts.

I have basically narrowed it down to the following things, Coke, onions (in large amounts), oily (VERY oily) foods, excessive amounts of coffee (more than 3 cups), and too many in one day of items from the bad column. Which only happened once (OH THE PAIN!).

Thyroid still seems to be holding steady. Hard to tell for sure. As it is that time of year anyway, where I get a bit more blah than usual, and tired. Oh, I am tired, but doing well considering I haven’t been napping. Been trying very hard to keep moving (baking and such), but I really prefer my ass on the couch!

Had an odd day today. A new tenant contacted owner, he contacted me, explained things, he dealt with it … I was a bit pissed at first, and without giving you ANY details at all, I can say I was a bit over for that. Miffed sure, but name calling and fuming, over the top. Unfortunately the situation, while mild, did trigger hubby’s anxiety and stuff. 😦

This brings my mood down and I feel a bit depressed. Now, let me clarify. I do NOT mean that in a selfish way AT ALL! I just mean, while I understand depression, and know what to say or do for that, I have never really had anxiety. Closest I can relate is anticipation, and I know that’s not even close. It bothers me immensely that I can’t say or do the right thing to help him. I know from personal experience of depression that someone else can not “fix” the problem, but they can comfort you, or say something that ease that darkness. THAT is what I wish I could do for my husband. And because I can’t, THAT is what gets to me. So, I do the best I can, hugs and reassure him that I am hear if he needs me, and HOPE I don’t talk to much and make it worse.

Unfortunately, the “logical” side of my braid really would love to know why a trigger is a trigger, and how that relates to hubby. I try not to talk about it too much, and hope he will tell me to shut up if need be.

I love him so much, and I am so in my roll of “comforter/helper”, that it kills me to not be able to ease his pain. *sigh*

ANYWAY, enough about that. I have updated what I wanted to.


Happy whatever you celebrate. Sappy inspiration holiday themed thing something something warmth and shit. πŸ˜€


Just an aside: Spell check is amazing most times (LOADS of errors tonight — tired to the nth degree), but sometimes it just pops up with “What the FUCK is that word? Did you mean supercalafagilisticexpialadocious? No? Well then learn to spell bitch”. THAT is when I use Google, and spell the word as many different ways I can think of until I get the right spelling. (I ALWAYS forget column has the mn, I get very close, but spell check has no clue so I get flustered and get worse each successive time I attempt it.)

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