Where’s the cleaning fairy when ya need one?

Holidays over, mostly. And I think I survived. This thing I have (cold, flu, something) seems to be easing up. I was lucky enough it never got super bad, but I do have a mild cough now (very occasional) which always makes me nervous until it is gone. I think the only coughing that doesn’t make me nervous, is if I have food or drink go down the wrong pipe. My breathing is still fine though, so I am trying not to let the minor cough freak me out to badly.

Besides, I am dealing with IBS stuff now, so it can occupy my mind instead. 😛 Tried SO hard to be careful on what, and how much I ate this holiday. Avoided the biggest no-no’s, and ate very little of the caution foods. Still hit me hard.

FINALLY getting snow, go figure, 2 days after Christmas. ha At least the days are finally getting longer, had a few days where my S.A.D kicked in and the world was pretty grey. Still climbing out of it, which would explain things? I ALWAYS think he looks so sad and tired, but maybe it is just me projecting?

Other than all that? Christmas was nice. Relaxed and mostly calm. NO decorations this year. Felt more like any other day, but with presents and the folks. hehe And hubby’s cake turned out ok. And learned freezing it once frosted (even the fondant) does it no harm. Did learn NOT to use store-bought icing when you run out of homemade, EWWW. Threw out the top part with the frosting.

Hope you all had good holidays. Don’t let old man winter get you down. Spring is around the corner, we can make it! Extra hugs to those who need them.

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