And this is why I make no resolutions…

Every year I see folks making resolutions to do this, or that better, different, or not at all, or more. I laugh, every year. As most of those folks you see a few weeks or months later saying “Well, maybe next year”.  And that, as the title says, is why I do not make resolutions.

It’s not that I don’t try. I just figure why put that extra pressure on myself? I KNOW if I make it I will probably be more likely to NOT do/follow through with a resolution. In the back of my head I think, yeah, I could do/not do, XYZ, maybe I’ll think about doing/not doing XYZ more/less. But I don’t really go over board and worry. If I am really serious about it, it will happen, no resolution will make the difference.

That said, my “resolution” to find a free house keeper hasn’t worked. It amazes me that they don’t just pop up on your doorstep asking to work for free. Ah well, next year. 😀

I had a migraine today. Firat one in many years. Beginning to think it might be part of some sickness thing. Hubby is sick, I have my period and I think my thyroid numbers are up a bit, all which lowers my immune system. And since I actually sleep in the same bed as my husband (shocker, I know. haha), it is very likely I picked up (or gave him?) whatever this thing is. Even though I had a good nights sleep, I napped for about 4 hours (off and on), and I am still very, very tired.

Thing with migraines, maybe it’s just me, is that even when it is gone, I have this symptoms for a day or two. It varies, sometimes light or sensitivity, or stiff neck, or any number of other things. This time it is the stiff neck and smell sensitivity. Which is super bad, as I am sensitive to smells enough on a regular basis!

— huh, my brain just blanked mid thought. Possibly trying to tell me to sleep. Unfortunately the smell thing is keeping me awake. :/


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