Getting the shitty end of the stick.

Yes, I know. My puns are HORRIBLE, but it won’t stop me. šŸ˜‰

For once this is not a post complaining. Though, I really could (still sick, still money issues etc), but what’s the point? It was a sunny day, warm (ish), we have food and clothes, and bills that are important (to us) are paid. Life’s pretty good (other than being sick).

Nope, instead, this post is just an update about my health.

I still haven’t gone in for my 3 month blood test, so not sure if my numbers are still ok, but I think they are? Overall, my thyroid seems to be holding steady. Hard to tell when the whole family is sick (fighting something for about 3 weeks now?) and the symptoms are similar to when my numbers are off, but my mind is still pretty “sharp” (for me), which is what makes me think the numbers are ok.

I got a call from the hospital today regarding my bowel troubles. They could have booked me for next Monday, but that’s a day before my Mom’s birthday, and if they need to do surgery, I’d rather not have it then. SO I booked for February 23rd.

The lady didn’t know to much about the how and why’s, so I will call my doc to find out. She did tell me that I will have anesthetic, and the colonoscopy. After/during (?) the colonoscopy, if they find anything it will be taken care of (depending on what it is I guess?).

Basically, they are looking for any issues. Pockets, polyps, and whatever else that could cause problems with my bowel movements and stomach. Also, they will band off my hemorrhoids if needed. My doc seemed pretty sure that was guaranteed? So not sure what would constitute a “if needed”? I will tell the surgeon that no matter what, I want those suckers GONE!

Things I will need to write down to remember to ask the doctor:

IF surgery is preformed, what will be the recovery time?

How will surgery affect my bowel movements? I mean come on! If ya gotta go, ya gotta go! LOL

And, I will need to remember to ask them what they saw. “Everything is fine” does not mean they didn’t find something different. Just means it wasn’t serious.

For the most part, I have no worries, just some questions. Will I be put under before, after, during, depending on what if anything is found. And the seriousness of anything found, and recovery time. If it turns out to be JUST the colonoscopy, well, duh, no recovery, just LOADS of gas for the next day or so. HEH revenge is sweet, eh hun? šŸ˜‰

While I am not looking forward to the actual procedure(s), I am looking forward to finally having an answer to why my bowels hate me 90% of my life! AND I am really wanting my hemorrhoids gone. OH, must remember to ask if they can come back if my issues continue (if they don’t find and fix any issues). My family doc was unsure, because he wasn’t sure which method of removal would be used. (apparently some methods allow them to reform?)

Yep, February could be interesting.

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