Nothing to do with anything, of importance.

This post is just me complaining about my cat(s).

Background first, We have 3 cats, 2 are sisters, “rescued” from my brothers ex-something chicky. One of the sisters, has a kinked tail, that no one can touch, because 1.) she is the runt, and 2.) the ex-bi…something slammed it in a door “accidentally”. (or one of her friends or kid did?)

Now, we took the mom of the sisters in briefly as well. But she was vicious, scared off one of the other cats we already had, and was very close to feral. She was a bitch to every one and thing, except my son. She would curl up with him. ODD cat. Once she drove off the other female we had she then took off herself. No one saw her, not even neighbours.

The runt is our problem. She is this type of cat that will love on ya, but even with her sister, and the 3rd cat, she can be MEAN. I don’t mean clawing or fighting. I mean preventing them (mainly my girl, the youngest, non-related one) from getting food, water, even from using the litter. She once trapped the youngest in the litter for a full day (we were in town).

She also prefers to pee on clean laundry instead of the litter. We always made excuses for her, “She’s not trained yet”, “She lot her Mom”, “We moved”, the outdoor male never came back”, and more. We just can’t give her up, but I can’t keep smelling piss! It KILLS my asthma. As far as we can tell, it is worse when she is mad at us or when the litter isn’t brand new. At this point I am thinking asthma and allergies be damned, maybe I should just up and do the litters myself.

Kid WAS in charge, but typical teen, “It does NOT need to be done daily”, so he would not do it, and knew I couldn’t. Then just a short while ago hubby took over the job, but well, park stuff and what not, it still isn’t getting done every day. *head desk*

SO … this leads to my rant, one of the cats *coughruntcough* has peed on the couch, which is LESS THAN A YEAR OLD. And the smell is really starting to affect my breathing. I have no CLUE how to get rid of the smell. No where sells the enzyme stuff, and the stuff Wal-mart has does NOT work. The pet store supposedly has something? BUT, it is an arm and a leg. Rather buy my family milk than something like that that MIGHT work. If it was JUST the cushion, all would be fine. But, nope, whoever it was (the runt, I am sure of it), got the arm of the couch as well.

I have stuck baking soda on it, and let it sit for a few days, sprayed it with vinager, but she did it a second time. And the smell is NOT going away.

Does love out weigh murder? IS it murder if it a pet? And if I did (which I NEVER WOULD), would my family let me live after wards?

WHY do we have such a bitchy cat?


Just to be fair? The other two cats do pee outside of the litter boxes, but for some odd reason it seems to be ONLY in my sons room, I have some theories (I have one theory that I can’t share), One of which is the runt blocking them from leaving his room (I’ve seen her do that). I have asked him to put a litter box in that room, but he won’t, not that I blame him. They are smelly! (But, they are NOT smellier than his rabbit that he never cleans! GRRRRRRRRR My asthma isn’t THAT bad, I guess?)

Anyway, that’s my rant. Once these cats are dead, NO MORE PETS! EVER!!

(Do love them though. *sigh*)

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