Flare up?

It’s that time of year again, where allergies cause asthma flare ups. With the overly mild winter (only 3 “REAL” snowfalls, maybe 10 total?) Spring has been here for awhile, which has led to me having issues with my breathing. It hasn’t been bad until the last few days, but it has caused other issues.

See, when my breathing becomes an issue, it affects my sleep even when I don’t know it. That leads to memory issues, lack of energy, and it snowballs. I have stalled on the Prednisone since it hasn’t noticeably (to me) affected my sleep, and I am not an active person.

Thing is, I never went for my 3 month blood test from my thyroid. (about 2 1/2 months over due) So I am not sure how much of the side affects of the asthma is from the asthma, and how much is from a possible spike in my thyroid numbers. AND, if I have had a spike in my numbers, did that bring on the asthma before the usual time? Or make it worse.

So hard to tell since the thyroid can affect it, but before mid-February, I had very few symptoms of any thyroid problems, just the asthma creeping on.

I am finding myself becoming lazier than usual, and a mid more … melancholy (not to the point of depression I’d say?). Which is causing me to deflect to the hubby. I am trying SO. DAMN. HARD. to not ask him “are you ok?”, “Are you ok”, and other variations of those, but to me he seems so dragged down, but then, so does everyone, so I am SURE it is just a reflection of what I am feeling? Even though I don’t feel too bad?

All this problems, thyroid, asthma, etc, all affect my moods, so who knows?


I need sleep, but it isn’t easy to get it.

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