Follow up

So, after my mind played tricks on me and told me I shouldn’t sleep (just hate the wheezing and struggle to breath at night), I finally fell asleep around 3:30 am, only to be woken by coughing/choking feeling.

So, I bit the bullet and got my Prednisone. I don’t think it’s to soon, According to my AAP, I could have started it weeks ago. BUT, I hate taking it if I really don’t need it. I doubt when I need it. But really, is 3 + weeks of needing extra emergency puffs during the day, and upping the daily puffer to the higher dose, extra sprays of nasal sprayer considered bad? Is it? But while I had it some what under control during the day, it has been slowly getting worse at night. Last night/This morning was the worse of it.

So, I did as I was told and called doc, left message with receptionist. She called me back to say doc wants a follow up end of next week. Maybe to make sure it worked? I think if he hadn’t wanted me to take it he would have either called me himself or wanted me in sooner. Not that I am concerned, it gives me a chance to get the refills so I know it’s there.

Side note, I do wonder if he has my Sigmoidoscopy results yet?

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