Always Keep Fighting

This, this stupid poem … thing, is what kept my brain screaming.

It is done. I just know I have more rattling in there, but too damned bad. One is enough for now.

Feel free to comment, GENTLE criticism is welcome. I am going on no sleep here, so formatting might suck too.

Hell, if it sounds like teen angst? Keep in mind I have not written since I was a teen. So go easy on me.

Also, this is a very personal poem, do not copy, quote, or anything else with out my consent.

Always keep fighting


I’ve been here before,

The darkness in my mind.

Wandering lost.

The forest so dense.

No ending.

There is an end.


Keep fighting.

Never give up.

Tiredness creeps,



But I won’t stop fighting.

I’ve been here before.

I remember what I am missing.

The darkness is creeping,


Always fighting.

I remember the light.

I fought the wrong battles.

No more.

Never give up.

Always keep fighting.

Darkness will lose.

Darkness is not easily defeated,

Not alone.

Struggling, denying.

Battles will be lost.

Acknowledge, accept.

But fighting will be done.

Never alone

We will keep fighting.

We will battle on.



Keep fighting.

Never alone.

Battles will be won,

But the war never ends.

Remember the light.

The light is there.




Fight for it.

Find it.

Always keep fighting.

The battle can be won.

You are never alone.


April 4th 2015

Susan Eisner

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