Health — asthma

Super short post.

Forgot to mention, I finally have my peak flow meter. Next 2 – 3 weeks will be figuring out my ideal number(s). As long as my lungs stay fine?

I am actually VERY happy about this. Now I have soild evidence on when my lungs are struggling, and it will take ALL guess work out of when I will need the Prednisone.

I know that sounds odd, after all, if you can’t breath, and I have the AAP to guide me, but I always put off getting the Prednisone just because it really is not something you want to take if you don’t need it.

NOW, BOOM! If I am in the yellow zone of the peak meter for more than 3 days, or if I get into red zone, I get my Prednisone. Simple. No more “Well, I have it under control during the day” or “But it isn’t bad at night …”

HUGE load of my shoulders. Now I can just use this and know.


Odd what makes me happy. hehe

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