Analyze this!

Alright, someone tell me what this dream means. Please?

So, in the dream hubby, kid and I were hanging out with two other couples and their kids (much younger than my son). Who the couples were, doesn’t matter.

Kiddo of course got sucked into playing on the floor with Lego’s and blocks and stuff (because younger kids LOVE him, and he may pretend it is a hardship, I think he likes it. 😀 ), and the “boys” were all just chatting, drinking beer, and watching some sports thing. Now, I was VERY happy to just sit with the guys but the two women hauled me off to some spa and wanted to “doll me up”. ARGH!!

ANYONE who knows me, knows I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. No real makeup (blush if I am pale, that’s IT!), and hell no to pink, frills or dresses. Now, I woke up in a sweat right after They got me off the couch and to the door, and I said “If I come back in pink, frills, a dress or with make up? SHOOT ME!”

The guys laughed, and that was when I woke up.

It was terrifying!


What the hell?

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