I need advice/help.

Okay, I know, I am beyond help. But this isn’t for me.

I know some of you out there suffer anxiety, and panic attacks. I have had minor ones, and dream panic attacks, but those do not count. So I have no CLUE how to help my husband, how to make it better. I NEED to help.

So could someone, ANYONE please give me some tips on what I can do as the spouse? I do know not to ask him if he is ok, and I am working on that, I really am.

But when he goes to bed and stays there … I just feel so helpless. I give him hugs, tell him it will be ok, and stuff, but he doesn’t seem to even want me around, just wants to be alone. I get that, it’s just so hard!

I am hoping that maybe, just maybe the always keep fighting t-shirt I ordered will help? I’m hoping that it will give him a reminder that he isn’t alone, that it can be better. But who knows?


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2 Responses to I need advice/help.

  1. SouthernFriedPugs says:

    I don’t have any advice other than to read Epbot posts on anxiety. Here is one. http://www.epbot.com/2013/10/gutsy-talk-about-anxiety.html?m=1
    Google Epbot anxiety and you’ll see more posts. She is the anxiety sufferer, but she writes about how her husband helps. Maybe it can help you and your husband.


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