So I have a great pipe dream for if I ever win the lottery. *nods*

Still don’t know the details, my brain keeps changing them as I type it (this is 3rd 4th 5th re-type of this post).

But the basics? I know so many online that have depression, anxiety, health problems, and stuff. And some of those folks I would LOVE to meet in real life, and see if I couldn’t actually do the whole social “make friends” thing. (Which I suck royally at).

We could make it convention style, where the first real meet & greet was with masks or something? I don’t know, I’d need some way to feel anonymous and comfortable. Crowds over 3 – 5 freak me out. And I would love to go to a convention, but, crowds! *freaks thinking about it*

So this could be the perfect solution? AND I could meet some of you. We could make it pets allowed (because, let’s face it! Our pets can be our life lines sometimes), friends and or family as well (again, the familiar can be comforting), and umm that’s about as far as I have gotten.

Neutral ground of course. And of course since this is a pipe dream, and supposedly I’d have millions, I would be paying for everything. From the air fare, to gifts for those not there, to food, and of COURSE alcohol!

So, let’s get this party rolling. I need a guest list for the attendees, I need ideas on who the “famous folk” would be (and if they were willing, it’d be as guests, not just panels and such. Just hanging out. :D), we need entertainment ideas (bands? Karaoke? Bowling?), and anything else I might have forgotten.

If we get this hammered out NOW? Then that miracle day (probably the day before I die. hahaha) I do win, it will be just a matter of a date and booking. 😀

I know at least 5 “famous folk” I want there.

And hey, if it did happen, and it DID work out? It’d be a great place for those of us with social/mental/health issues to feel comfortable, safe, and yet still be “out of the house”. 😉

Come on, who’s with me on this?

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