Life as the landlord

I had a whole post worked out in my head, it was well thought out, articulate, and actually told the whole story, but, as with most of my posts, I thought of it while I was away from my computer.

I do this a lot. I have a thought, a monologue really, in my head. I talk whatever the issue is out in my head and think to myself how it would make a great post. Then, it comes time to sit down in front of the keyboard and it all just slides away. Sometimes I just say forget it, and no post is ever made. Sometimes I regret that, especially if it involves my mood and I just really need to work things out, but most times even the subject is forgotten.

Today though, as many times, I post any way. In part for myself (as I know not many read my blog), and in part for the few that do read they might get something out of my rambling thoughts. Today is a bit of both, with strong leanings toward to the former.

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned my job before? Probably, but for this I will assume I haven’t. I am a landlord of a trailer park. Majority of time there is little to do. Once a year I hand out the rent increases, the husband, kid, and my dad do the “grunt labour” or lawns, and what not. Basically the stuff I can’t because of my asthma, or stuff I won’t because of stubbornness (learning to drive the tractor). Basically, MY job is to deal with the tenants. Be the bitch, if you will. And I do it well, apparently?

I am not the type to enjoy confrontation, and will usually avoid it, but in a job like this, sometimes it is a necessity.

I have had to deal with 3 evictions in our 4 years as managers. None of which were easy or fun, well, the one sort of was fun (long story). Two ended up resolving themselves before needing to go to the tenancy board. Which was great because it does cost money, and take a lot of time. I have had to be mediator, and councilor to a few tenants, usually ending in me telling the parties involved that, that is NOT my job, the issues are childish, and if they want something done to go talk to the police. Which of course the police told the tenant that he needed to get a life. Not in those words, but, yeah.

Right now, all but one of our tenants are well-behaved, know how much we are willing to let slide, and what we will not back down from. A very well run machine with minor oiling. But, this one tenant. We have had more bumps and issues than I like. 2 verbal warnings, and now, as of today 3 written warnings. Which, technically on this warning I could/should have started eviction. BUT, like I said, that takes money and more time than I care to put in for the “minor” problems. See, the only real tenant this person is bothering? is my Mom. Who is a tenant. Yep, fun. So, I try to do it all STRICTLY by the book, so that no one is offended, and nothing can come back and bite my ass.

But this time, I know I have to do something. See, he had been warned about noise, so he controlled that. Warned about an extra person living there not on the agreement and causing issues in the park, he dealt with it. Now is the second time regarding marijuana use. It’s one thing if it is one person in their trailer and no one knows about it. You own the trailer, and if no one smells it or knows, what can I do? But this is many people sitting outside, a few under drinking age let alone illegal activity (no clue why marijuana is still illegal though)! So something must be done. Especially when it drifts through the park to the point of smelling up other trailers. It is warm weather now, people have their windows open.

The act of writing out the warning, well, typing on the computer, no longer bothers me. I have a sample, and have done so many now it is much easier. What bothers me is the act of going to their home, knocking on the door and confronting them. I get bugs* in my stomach. Now, there are 2 things that could happen. One being no one is home and I can just leave the envelope on their door, or two, they are there and I have to explain what the note is, and why, etc.

I don’t know which scenario it is until I get there, so from the time I know I have to write them up until I have rehashed the meeting over and over in my head,  I get bugs in the stomach. IF I am lucky and no one is there, I only have to deal with the bugs until I get home.

Oddly, phone calls aren’t as bad. I don’t answer right away, so I know who it is. I then sit down write out what I will say and I am all good. Plus, as Mom has taught me from her experience, I can say “If you are going to be rude to me, I will not talk to you, I will hang up” along with a few other quick things to say. I have them written by the phone. Doesn’t help with other phone calls (which I dread), but eases those calls from tenants no problem.

Today, I was lucky. He did not answering the door. Pretty sure he was there? And it helped I could smell the pot from about 10 feet away, so I KNEW (I already “knew”, but this is different) I was doing the right thing.

Now, I am only second guessing my decision to warn rather than evict? But, to be fair, it’s about a year between warnings so he seems to learn?

Now, I just have one other person to warn about pot use, but that is a full-out rental of a house. I personally could smell it when dropping off the rent increase. :/ Stalling on that, and I shouldn’t. It’s just one warning is enough to deal with at a time.


All this to say, This is when I am surprised I do not feel depression, stress sure, but my depression doesn’t seem to be effected (affected??) by this. BUT, if hubby acts stressed or worried, then it will trigger it. I am a strange, strange person. Probably why I have no friends? HAHA




*I say bugs because butterflies are beautiful and make me thing of good excitement. Bugs are gross and icky. I’d say spiders but then I’d puke and have a panic attack!

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