Shh I am not really here!

First, forgive any typos I might not catch, Using a TENS machine on my neck and shoulders. Jumpy arms are jumpy.

Second, I just really wanted to describe this sensation for anyone willing to listen. It’s both terrifying and amazing, at the same time!

I have had a TENS machine at various points in my life since I was in my late 20’s. It is AMAZING for menstrual cramps, back pain, and any muscle aches you could imagine. Thing is, it is one of those things that you either love, or hate. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

It is very much like putting a bag of bees on your back (That can not sting, just hmm) and getting a massage, simultaneously.

From time to time I, or the hubby, will have muscle issues and completely forget we have it, or go to use it and find the gel pads are useless for over use. So today, in a last-ditch effort to find something, ANYTHING that would work for my arm, I thought I would dust off the machine, buy new pads, and see what would happen.

Now, since this all started with a stiff neck (that lasted for many, many months), and my back would cramp up when I used correct posture, my brace, and not move my arm, I figured BEFORE I used it on my arm itself I best try it in new trouble spots.

Now, it is working, I can say that. But the sensation it is giving my neck, shoulders and arm are new. I don’t think I have felt this in all my years of using a TENS. I still have the massaging bee feeling, but if I am not VERY precise in my movements and posture, I am also getting a feeling like my lungs will collapse any second. I swear, it feels like someone has reached into my chest, grabbed my lungs and began to wring them like a wet cloth. And as for my neck? I have that nagging ache at the base of my neck I usually get just before a rip-roaring migraine. So I will truly need to keep an eye on that.

I can’t say that it is wholly unpleasant, as long as I am in the exact right position, not unlike the first time you ever have sex (if with the right gentle person). 😀 But make one wrong move? And I feel like my world will end in a split second of pain.

All that said, the feeling in my arm is slowly returning to a less painful sate, but the feeling of ants crawling up and down the ulnar nerve, is mind bogglingly creepy. No matter how I position my arm, the jolt of electricity that is running down my arm into my pinky finger, making it look like I am some primp lady holding a tea-cup, is mildly annoying.

I will endure all of these sensations if it relieves the pain. I will endure it right up until my doctor’s appointment if I must. I can not, WILL not endure another second of that pain. If I have to amputate the arm myself, I will.

Ok, maybe not that last bit, I am a wimp, but I just could not take it any longer.

Now, this means good news for you all, as long as this TENS machine keeps the pain away? You will NOT hear another peep about my arm (until I get the verdict from doc).

Promise. As long as the battery holds out, the pads stay stuck, you won’t hear from me.

And no, batteries can not be e-mailed. haha

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