Incoherent update

This is my update regarding doctor’s appointment. I am still really groggy from lack of sleep, a few days worth of sleeping pills (as in a used them a few nights), and the T3’s without caffeine. So forgive anything that makes no sense, and if you need clarification, just ask.

So, of course my dream was wrong. No MRI needed, no cancer. hahaha

BUT, when doc says “Oh. You DO have a lot wrong don’t you?” It really isn’t all that reassuring. His assessment was pretty much what I figured. A snowball effect of all my problems stemming from a main issue. He believes it is *insert some really long mumbo jumbo I didn’t catch* (I think he meant the ulnar?) It’s a nerve that runs from fingers/wrist to neck, and even into the back.

So yeah, he believes that poor posture (computer use) and sleeping oddly was the trigger (along with stress?). The main radiating point he thinks is that nerve thing in the elbow.

(I am having difficulty seeing straight, so here’s hoping spell check hits me on the head with my mistakes)

So, on Monday I will go in and he will “needle” my elbow. He mentioned I had 2 main choices at this point, Physiotherapy, which he felt from all I have been doing would not be very helpful, OR surgery, which he explained what they do and why. And so, he pulled out this 3rd option which is apparently fairly new.

Needling: Injects anesthetic which is immediate relief from the pain (So he says), and then he basically sticks me repeatedly with (a) needle(s) causing the area to become inflamed, then injects a steroid. Supposedly this can work about 6 months or longer depending on the damage done.

Apparently this works because studies show now that the reason for the pain is NOT inflammation, but lack of inflammatory things, words. So inflaming the area allows things to be cushioned and stuff.

Who cares, I will try anything and if it works , why not?

Once THIS is dealt with we will then look into if the carpal tunnel still needs to be addressed. Sound like he is ok with surgery for that? No clue. As for my bursitis, He didn’t say a lot. I did get the impression he may want a better look (x-ray or something) for that and my back if it continues to be an issue after the rest is dealt with.

Did I mention, he gave me T3’s but without the caffeine. Think I just need 1 at a time … 2 is making my head forget which cog it needs to run. Or it’s slipping out the era?

The sad thing? STILL HAVE PAIN. I just don’t care right now. Maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t give me Percocets? hehe but they are fun, but if I had a brain, I think these might be too?

Anyway. I should stop this now. My nap just only served the pain meds in making my brain mush.

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