When weakness is strength

I am extremely proud of my husband right now. It can’t be easy suffering from anxiety and depression, and to open up must feel like you are losing the last thing you can control. (Assumption on my part)

See, tonight was a rough night. I used all of what little energy I had to go to the doctors and do a small amount of shopping (I did nap, but the T3’s meant I did not regain any energy from said nap), and hubby did more than he should, by straightening up and making supper. Pretty sure he borrowed energy from the next 5 days straight!

SO, when the kid complained about what supper was, to say tempers ran hot is pretty accurate. I sat the kid down, and nervously (since hubby was in the room … anxiety and all) had a talk with him. I tried to explain WHY we were upset, and how our energy is NOT endless as it is with him.

I had read (and posted to Facebook) and article that used spoons to explain to others how limited energy works. So I tried that with my son (Only I was to “lazy” to get up, so used ripped up paper instead).

Where I become so very proud and bursting with pride, is how my husband joined in with trying to explain what he goes through in a day. It sapped what tiny bit of energy he had left, but he opened up as he has never opened up before, EVER! Even my son tried very hard to not interrupt him (not easy for him), and we let him explain. You could tell it was difficult for him to admit such raw emotion, and I hope it is not the end of it.

My husband. My Hero. Is strong and brave. It is not easy opening up on a good day, let alone to a teenager, on a bad day!

THIS is why I know he will keep fighting, and why _I_ will keep fighting.

I have always loved him with all my being, never thought I could be any more proud or loving, but here we are. His strength, in his worst moment … I have no words for the feelings I have right now.

While it meant he had to go to bed right then and there, He is my hero.

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