“Supernatural” affects

Not that I expect Jared to read this, but I did add his twitter handle in the message that posts to Twitter because it is in response to his question. (That’s my story and I am sticking to it!) Twitter just did not allow for the elaboration of my answer that I felt the question deserved. Hindsight, not sure my post did much better.


Woke up this morning, did my usual routine; meds, bathroom, and twitter (not always in that order. 😀 ). Only to see a message on twitter from a friend, and a posting from Jared Padalecki. Strange thing is, I looked at my phone at the times of both of those posts. BUT, I made myself put the phone down and try to sleep. (not that it worked)

The message from my friend, was reassuring (Should have read it when I looked at phone. :/) And, Jared asked for stories about something positive that has happened because of Supernatural. Even though it was over 5 hrs after he posted I replied with

“HUGE positive, is the subject matter allows hubby to admit and open up about his problems. To me and a therapist.”

But that got me thinking, What HAVE been the positives of watching Supernatural?

There has been many things I am sure, but the thing that sticks out the most, is the talking. The subject matter can get pretty deep, and while it seemingly deals just with monsters, hell, and other horrible things, you really see the emotional subject matter as well. It is played out and acted in such a deep and believable way* that the characters are very relatable (minus the monsters and hell and stuff).

This leads to many discussions between hubby and I, allows us to talk about our own issues through character break down of an episode. (Just an FYI, I will argue to the death 9 out of 10 times, for Deans actions, while Hubby would do the same for Sam. Actually caused a fight once.**)

Now, that may not seem like a big deal to many, but both of us have depression, and hubby has anxiety, and I also have health issues. So to have the show open up such discussions about emotions and the rights and wrongs and the whys and what not, has really allowed us both to express our own feels. Example, back to that non-fight, fight. While we could not agree on who was right, we both were able to explain WHY we felt the way we did, and how we related to the scenario, and put it into an every day situation.

It allowed a deeper dialogue that wasn’t official about our own emotions, but in actual fact the other person could see what was going on with the other.

It has been an escape from reality when reality was just too much, while allowing us to open up about our own realities and share them before exploding.


I KNOW this is as clear as mud, I really would love to be more articulate in just how much Supernatural (Sam and Dean) has been a HUGE positive influence in our lives, but this post will have to do.



* SO believable I often wonder how the hell they can go home and not carry that baggage of the scenes with them? How the hell do they do it? I’d be a puddle every night!

** Not a blow out fight, just a “We must never watch this episode or talk about it again” type fight. We could NOT agree on who was right. For the record? It was Dean. 😀 (Not that hubby agrees)

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