Needling. (UPDATED)

So today was a long day. took my T3’s last night, and they hit hard (not enough proper sleep lately), finally slept by 1am, was up at 7:30, and to hubby’s appointment by 8:30am. That took 3 hours, and took a lot out of hubby and I.

My doctor’s appointment for my arm needling was at 1:30. I had no T3’s in my system (BAD mistake). Instead of neck, shoulder, and elbow, he just did the latter two. The shoulder was a bit uncomfortable, as the joint was not as sore as usual. But it was achy after.

The elbow though. OH FUCK the elbow.

So, what “needling” is, he takes a syringe filled with both a long acting and fast acting anesthetic and pokes it around and in and out of the muscle/area that is causing trouble. Apparently loosens the muscles causing problems. Well, the closer they get to the problem area the better (in the long run).


I knew there was trouble when he turned the radio up.

When he hit the spot causing the most trouble, I damned near ripped my arm off the table, but was able to keep my wits knowing the needle was still in my arm. I also didn’t scream out as much as I wanted to. I knew there was a young child in the building. From that point, I quit watching what he was doing and concentrated on not screaming or fainting. Instead, I just sweated a lot and groaned and tried not to move my arm.

Right now the worst areas are better, but I still have some pain and aching.

Suppose to not use my arm much for next few days. Umm, I am right-handed, I do EVERYTHING with my right hand/arm. *SIGH*

IF this works, should be it. Not a cure per se, but, a more permanent solution than I expected.

If it does NOT work, then “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”. Said doc. I am going to go ahead and assume surgery. And by the look on his face? He isn’t keen on that route at ALL. :/

But, that’s all for now as I can feel the pain starting.




Forgot to mention, the Doctor said he felt calcium deposits in the elbow, possibly in the tendon itself?? “I’ve felt a few, maybe 3 calcium deposits so far”

I have no clue WHAT that means? But he did seem a bit concerned? Perhaps yet another thing to keep an eye on like my glands and thyroid? Who knows. But I do know I am still getting pain. But I will give it a few days maybe a week, to see what happens before calling him and saying “what the hell dude?”


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