Random thought: Energy/mood

Thyroid = carburetor/file pump
Heart = engine
Brain = computer/gas petal/brakes

Energy = life
We are always leaking energy. Everything leaks energy. Some people replenish it quickly and easily, others slowly and with difficulty. Energy, much like the thyroid, controls everything(almost). Too low on energy and a person can get grumpy, moody, depressed, or even to the other extreme.

Love & caring for others can replenish energy quicker, or give away the energy. As you give or take love/caring, energy is used to do so. Contact can speed the process, ie: hugging.

Think about the last time you had a low moment and someone you cared about hugged you and you received the love, absorbed it. You felt better and felt more energized. What about when someone you loved needed a hug and you gave? You felt less energetic after maybe?

When confronting strangers or social situations, if we could just flip that switch some how and absorb energy rather than give it. (Introverts, folks with anxiety, depression, etc.) Perhaps we could combat our problems with a bit less fighting and with a bit more ease?


Also? Pretty sure dogs only give energy and cats take as much as they give. 😀

Nature in general gives it.

Just a theory, and not even a great one.

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