Next step? [UPDATED – bottom of post]

Well, I might have to face the fact my arm is not better. Actually, that’s not entirely true. It’s much better than before the needling, but it’s worse in other ways.

I am pretty sure the needling would have been the only thing needed if I hadn’t let it go so long before going to the doctor. (My bad) But, because of that, it caused other issues that the needling just couldn’t (or didn’t?) fix. Now, I am left with a less intense pain (about 75% of the time anyway), but pain nonetheless.

Doc said try not to use the arm for a FEW days after, I gave it almost a full week. And while doing a crap ton of dishes on Monday (or whenever it was) aggravated it, I have taken it easy* since then. And while I have no T3’s left, I have been taking Tylenol and Advil at night …

Thing is, the last 2 nights, even that hasn’t helped. Massaging it hasn’t helped. Heat hasn’t helped. Doing nothing didn’t help.

I think you get the idea.

It’s spreading. Before I had localized spots of pain in my elbow, wrist, shoulder, and forearm. Now, not much in the shoulder (unless I move a certain way, then ow!), but from my elbow down is just … not sure how to explain it. It’s not a pain per se, it’s more of a crushing pressure from the outside in. With jabs of shooting pain along the nerve. Now, during the day it’s actually not too bad, stiff fingers, a “puffy fat” feeling to the arm, but only rare jabs of pain. It’s at night, when I STOP moving my arm. HOLY HELL! That’s when the nerve decides to let itself be known in a huge way.

The odd numbness and tingling in my hand and wrist I can deal with. I am use to that. Had it for well over 20 years (since being a waitress).

I just don’t know if I need carpal tunnel surgery/help or the ulnar/elbow surgery. But, I’m pretty sure that will be the next step. I just am not sure if I am willing to take it. Nothing to do with fear or worry, and a LOT to do with not being able to use my right arm/hand for a long time.

Will call doc tomorrow and figure it out at an appointment. Because whatever the next step is, I better figure it out fast, my other arm is getting pins and needles from compensating. OR from (my other theory) something else entirely stemming from my neck/spine.

Personally? I think next step is a specialist or an MRI to figure out the ACTUAL problem(s). THEN talk about options. But, I’m no doctor, I just have common sense.

I won’t lie, surgery does make me antsy, but not because of any worry about the surgery itself. No**, it makes me antsy because of what if that is NOT the problem, and also … I WOULDN’T HAVE USE OF MY DOMINANT ARM FOR ALMOST 2 – 3 MONTHS!!!!!!

I HATE , repeat, HATE having people do things for me. HATE IT!

But, that might not be an option, something else might be the issue.

Calling doc tomorrow.




* Sort of. I may not do a hell of a lot, but I HATE not being able to do things on my own. Like fixing the towel rack, making the surround for the AC, and just general every day stuff you do. Like opening jars, or grabbing things from the cupboard, or carrying your own groceries.

Ok, I admit it, I am a stubborn mule. It is who I am, deal with it! I do for myself and others, but don’t do for me. GRRR


** If I MUST be honest? And you can NOT tell my husband, yeah, a bit nervous for some reason. Pretty if it was my left arm I would be as worried, if at all.

More truth? The thought of not having use of my arm for so long sort of freaks me out, and I can feel that nagging, lying, SOB, from the dark corners of my mind … yeah, no, THAT’S what worries me, not the surgery, that voice, threatening to send me to the rainy dark place. :/ 😦

Pretty sure I could fight it off, but other minor surgeries I have had, or times I’ve had to take it easy (longer than a week), it’s threatened to engulf me. I don’t like that place. And lately even though my mood has been decent, when it threatens … It just feels like all I DO is fight it off. Sort of sick of fighting it.




So called doc, can’t get in until next Thursday. *sigh* I miss when he first opened his practice and you could get in same day sometimes.

Add to that getting an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan can take a month or more, I’m looking at pain for awhile. Seriously not a happy girl right now.

I’ll have to make sure I wear my brace more consistently (sort of helps). I guess maybe he’ll give me more T3’s? Not that they helped a lot, but it is better than regular Tylenol. Going to be a very hard time, for my family. Promise I won’t whine here, much.

This is going to be rough.

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