A post about someone who is NOT me

Well, mostly not about me. ha ha!

Kiddo has been out of school for a little over a year now, and while he wants to go back and get his GED, he isn’t able to until he is 19, which is in July. So, hubby and I had an unspoken rule we weren’t going to push him into a real job until after that. THEN we’d kick his ass to look for a job.

Well, today we were out shopping, kiddo and I, and we noticed a help wanted sign at the local wholesale store. Normally I’d just mutter “Whatcha think?” and drop it, but this was perfect, 1:30 am until 7 (possibly later). The sign mentioned to ask for the manager as well as apply online. SO, when we got to the till, I didn’t even think, I just asked when the manager was in, and could we speak to him.

Now, I am very grateful that looks can not in fact kill, or I would not be here to tell the tale.

The manager (Joe, or John. Kid and I can NOT agree on the name) was really nice. And Kiddo handled himself perfectly. I may have overstepped my parental rights (or what the kid feels are my rights. 😀 ) when I spoke with the manager and mentioned his NLD and social issues. BUT, it really was for the best, and the manager was awesome about it. “Does it affect your ability to carry or open boxes? Then not a problem!”

They are so desperate for workers (well, that was implied) that his only requirements were “Pass the criminal check, be able to walk, talk, and read and I’ll hire you”. Now, I am pretty sure my son is doing what I do, No emotions or real thought on yes or no until he finds out. BUT, I’m sorry, I am excited for him. This guy was talking like he’d hire him on the spot if he didn’t have to wait for the criminal check! No, I am serious, this is not just “mom talking”. He really did give me that “Between parents/adults” look/nod thing.

After he told him about the online application (and told him to let me help. hahaha), he said I’ll probably be calling you in about 2 weeks, once the check is done. And asked for his name so he could look for the application.

The nice thing is? This is a store with a great reputation for taking a chance on those who aren’t “perfect”. See, the Safeway in town? They ONLY hire those that are bubbly, popular, and good looking. Now, in my eyes my son really is a handsome kid, but honestly, that could just be bias on my part? Don’t think so, but *shrugs* And most other stores want the diploma, and some experience.

Besides, this is a NON customer interaction job, Purely stocking, cleaning, and facing. He has done ALL that before with me at my old job. Though, can’t put that on a resume, wasn’t an official job, shame though, he was great at it. Even my bosses were impressed and would “pay him” in pop and snacks for helping out after school. he he

Any how, Can you FEEL my gushing? I know it is not a guaranteed thing, but man, it sure felt like it, and for his sake I REALLY hope it pans out. It’s part-time, his hours, and no real customer interaction. It’s perfect. Like it was meant to be. (No, I don’t believe in that crap)

PLUS then he can earn himself some money, get a computer and start paying rent. 😉 (Well, in time. No rush)

Send all the good vibes you can his way please!  (Not that it makes a difference, but hey, I’d even pray if I thought it’d help! 😀 )

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