Where is everyone?

Oh come on, someone must want to read my attempt at crappy writing? Anyone?

If anything it will give you a good laugh. huh? huh?

Seriously, I really would love a few people to sort of be there, reading it, nagging me for more.


Here’s a little teaser for you:



Chris woke in a sweat, unsure where or when she was. She kept her eyes closed, taking stock of the sounds and smells around her, trying to get her bearings. She was alone in some dank motel room, the facet dripping in the bathroom, the faint smell of sex, and what could only be years of not being cleaned. She allowed her body to relax and try to figure out what happened last night.
Last thing she remembered was picking up some hazel-green eyed god from the bar in downtown Vancouver. Was she still even in Vancouver?


Yes? 😀

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