Adoption and medical history

I have been thinking a lot lately about my age, health problems, and how much easier (more information I could get) if I just knew my medical history.

For those that don’t know, I am adopted. I was lucky to be adopted by 2 amazing parents who love me like crazy. Oh, sure we have our dramas and such, but show me a family that doesn’t and I’ll call you a liar. haha

Thing is, I have never cared at all about who my parents were or if I had any siblings. I honestly just had no thought at all about them. Ok, sure, when my folks grounded me, or I got in shit for staying out past curfew or something, or when my brother and I would pound the hell out of each other (actually, some great stories and memories there. Ask me about the snowmobile someday. Still chuckle), I would wonder if my parents were rich and could take me away from the mean people. But, it was gone in a flash.

But now, as I am getting older and having health issues, among them mental health issues, I am starting to wonder more and more about that medical background. Does depression run in the family? What about fibroids? Any thyroid problems? What about something more serious I might have to worry about? WHAT ABOUT CANCER? Am I the first in the “family” to have these medical problems? Will your grand-kids need to know? Do you HAVE grand-kids? Holy crap so many questions.

I still don’t care who they are, though I still smile a bit when I dream that maybe this person or that might be related to me. Don’t care about money, just would be cool to say “Hey, did you know that *big name actor* is my *some sort of relative* to me?” Unless of course they are some crazy person or something. *shudder* or a psycho killer! EEK No thanks.

I’d be perfectly happy with an e-mail saying “Sure, no names, here is the medical history, go away now.” Perfectly happy with that. Well, as long as I could ask for more information if something wasn’t on there.

I don’t know that I am curious enough, yet, to actually go full-out searching for the information. After all, what if THEY are looking! Do I want to be found? I just want the information.

My told me once that there was a letter from my Mom, in her handwriting, for me. Problem is Dad was in the RCMP and we moved a lot so it got lost. I remember her being worried I would pitch a fit or something. But didn’t bother me. Besides, Mom remembered the gist of it;

Bio-mom was tall(er than me- which isn’t hard) I think 5’11? She was German (I believe she meant actually from Germany?), Blonde hair, green eyes (basically super model material – explain me please??)

Bio-dad though was English (from England??), SHORT (that’s me) I think she said he was 5’8 (might not have been listed?), and I think just said he was “dumpy” … not much more about him. hehe Probably a drunken one night stand. Anyway, they met in Canada (don’t think it said specifics?) and once she had me (while living in Edmonton) she went back home as if nothing happened.

Never said if I should or should not contact her, but really, who wants some kid to show up in their lives if it was a mistake? Let’s face it, late 60’s and early 70’s might have been progressing in women’s rights and shit, but an unwanted child is still not something you want hanging over you! I can just imagine what she must have been feeling alone (I assume??) and unmarried while pregnant? I don’t know her age, but do know she was young. Late teens early 20’s?

I just wish there was a database of some sort you could search JUST for medical history. Yes, I have looked, some places have it NOW, but only if born after 2005, even then only if permission has been granted by a birth parent. *shrugs*

I understand medical history can give some identifying traits away to the child, but there has GOT to be away of doing it so it’s not obvious? Really, medical history is sort of a big deal.

May or may not actually try someday, but for now, I will just wonder if I should, and occasionally punch my birthday and city into Google to see what happens.

My low mood lately may be adding to this desire to know what the hell is going on. I know there is no “magic cure” for depression and mental health issues. But, maybe it would help answer some questions?

It would be nice to know if I am the only crazy one in the “family” AND I really, really want to know if cancer runs in the background. My thyroid is bad enough. 😦

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