When eyesight and brain fight …

The problem with having had a “lazy eye” as a child, is now, when I am tired, have had too much screen time(TV, computer, Netflix), or before a migraine, etc the my brain just does not register what I am seeing correctly.

Things get seriously messed up. Up becomes down, right becomes left, and usually in just the one eye. With one eye seeing correctly and the other screwed to hell, it seriously messes with all things, including how I think and even memories. It’s just a split second, and thankfully not often, but the after effects last for hours. Ever get a “deja vu” feeling? But with sensations? Like dizzy, nauseous, and general sense of being in two places at once? THAT is what I get.

At times I tend to “see” a flash of a memory, or something? It’s never clear and my brain just can’t not fully grasp it. Nothing quite lines up both visually and mentally. Sometimes it can trigger a migraine if I am not careful.

Amazingly with how bad my sleep habits, Supernatural binging (3 time through now), allergies, and even the depression, have been? I am shocked that this is the first time in almost 4 years I have had this.

I am just hoping that this isn’t the start of months of the deja vu feelings. Messes with the head something fierce. Mentally just fucks me up. LOL Last time I was that bad was just before my thyroid was diagnosed.

Hmm actually, this time is clearing up a lot quicker than I would have guessed? Only been 20 minutes. Probably because of how long it’s been.

Might be my brain telling me to get some sleep? 5 hours yesterday might not be enough? Not if I could just get my brain to quite fucking with me (stress, anxiety, and depression), I just might avoid this whole thing? :/

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