Hospitals and nightmares

Had planned on staying off all social media for awhile longer, but needed o get this out of my head.

Still having the strange dreams a nightmares, only 3 – 5 months left for the adoption records, so that’s going well. But now I get to add another issue to my brain.

Had an ultrasound today. I am hoping to get a hysterectomy. So damned sick of my periods, always had troubles. So doc scheduled an ultrasound to make sure there’d be no issues for it. Plus, I have had a fibroid in the past (when I was in my 20’s), and other things.

So, the tech mentions I have lots of fibroids now (no clue how many, but I guess 5 – 8 by the clicking?). I asked her how they can tell a fibroid from actual cancer and got the standard “As a tech I can’t tell you a lot but here is a rehearsed answer to your question” response. Which really, is all fine and dandy, wasn’t worried, until I did some research. Now, not having my family history No one knows if “bad things” are in my future, but I have several other “markers” to be in that 1% range for cancer.

Which, if you ask me isn’t too bad if all contained? PLUS it would mean that my hysterectomy is no longer elective surgery.

Thing that has me puzzled though, she wanted to look at my kidneys? Supposedly larger fibroids can do damage to other organs? But why just the kidneys? Why not other stuff too? Don’t know. Guess I’ll find out in a few days or next week, depending on doc?

I just hope my brain is so preoccupied with the records it doesn’t have room to add this too it.

Not worried yet, but considering some of my dreams, maybe I should be?

Oh, and just to add to my list of issues, my arm is bad again. *Shrugs* such is my life.

Just to note, this is all doing wonders for my depression. Which I can only seem to keep away from my family by complaining here, and that is why I am staying away from social media. I am sick of complaining, but it’s all I can do right now.

Now, I will go away and be silent again.

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