A cautionary tale:

I don’t know if anyone read my tweets around 1 this morning, but I ended up in the hospital.

I can hear you saying, “Ok, whatever”, “Alright,” a big sigh “Why?”

So I will tell you. Gather around folks, I have a short (promise) story to tell you.

My 18 (damned near 19) year old son and I have a very close relationship, we have been through hell and back together at the hands of my step son, but that is a story for another day. So when I tell you that we horseplay, it should be no surprise it involves smacks, slaps, and the occasional “punch”. I use quotes for punch because they are, usually, not painful to either of us.

Now, last night was no different. We were both in a good mood and giving playful smacks to each other. Him to my head, and me to his belly. Of course, the whole time my husband is doing his best to use his “Dad voice” on us, and I tried to get in “one last shot”. I flicked my arm and wrist as if giving a towel whip, and I felt a sharp pop in my shoulder and IMMEDIATE pain in my whole arm, and intense pins and needles in my hand.

I am not one to cry, even when I dislocated my ankle numerous times over the years. Even during the horrific childbirth of my son I hardly shed a tear. But I did last night. Not by choice mind you. The tears filled my eyes before I even could register the thought of crying.

I took two Naproxen and tried an ice bag and heat. After about 30 minutes of no relief in sight, I admitted it might be best to get myself to the hospital.

Keep in mind this is the same arm that has been bothering me for months.

Thankfully it was a VERY slow night at the ER, and I got to see the doctor right away. He had me do some small movements and poked and prodded a bit, nothing so bad as to intensify the pain, and made his diagnoses.

It turns out, to paraphrase the doc, I am wound so tight my muscles have engulfed and pinched the main chunk of nerves coming from my spine. Yep. I got so tense I actually broke.

He stuck my trapezius muscle with a needle, much like family doc did to my elbow, prescribed muscle relaxers, no movement/use of the arm for 2 – 3 days (err, I am not typing right now, nope), using the TENS machine after a few days, and massage therapy.

The moral of this story, is if you are tense/stressed/whatever, do something BEFORE you end up in intense pain for months.

I guess I can no longer deny I don’t feel stress? :/

I don’t, I just “carry the weight of the world” (so says doc) around all my life.

I will say this, It’s not even been a few hours since I woke up, and I ALREADY hate having the boys help me with stuff. This is going to be a very long and CRANKY few days.


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