TMI – What? Again?

So it has been 2 weeks since my ultrasound, and 2 weeks since my last period. It has been a week since I phoned doc for an appointment, apparently he did not have me for a call back to go in, probably because he has referred me to a specialist, but I wanted to see him anyway.

2 weeks.

And I have my period again, full on lower back spasms (which goes get with the shoulder and arm pain FROM upper back spasms …), cramps from hell, and my spine keeps slipping out (as in my hips lock up and I can’t move until I crack my back).

So, I am pretty sure I have a DAMNED good case for why I want my hysterectomy. Don’t you?

Unfortunately I can’t see doc until second week of July, and still no word about/from the specialist.

Just how many more of these do I have to have before I can be fixed like a stray dog?

Oh, that came out a bit bitter didn’t it? My bad. Just a tad cranky.

Needless to say, this does NOTHING for my mood(s), but the thunderstorms we are getting seems to be countering the severity of the depression down to just ho-hum.

Ladies, this is what the forties bring you. Have fun.

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2 Responses to TMI – What? Again?

  1. thenovelist says:

    I used to have excruciating cramps until the day I came across natural marine magnesium powder…never another pain or cramp again. I also take kelp powder from a good source, either France, New Zealand or Nova Scotia. It helps with the thyroid as well as mental health.


    • Susan says:

      I think I have heard of that? Or someone told me?
      Thing is, most natural “cures” (I use quotes because not so sure anything is ever truly gone) tend to be WAY out of my price range. A prescription costs me $3 – $6, natural remedies can cost upwards of $30 – $50. Yeah, one recommend thing I checked out, cost $50 for only 1 month supply! Some daily thing? And that was back about 5 years ago. NUTS!

      Naw, I’ll just make them give me the hysterectomy. 😀 Being only forty five years old, and dealing with this from day one, now 37 years(yes, really!!), pretty sure I won’t miss it.
      Plus, all those fibroids need to go anyway.

      Thanks for the tip though, maybe if I hadn’t already made up my mind. 🙂


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