Doctor’s appointment

As always, I was early. And according to HIS clock, he was on time, but asked if he could have 5 minutes, which turned into 9. I was in no rush and he is always very good at giving me the time I need. So my appointment started at 10:24, or there abouts and we were done by 10:35, even with my laundry list of “FIX ME NOW DAMMIT”.

99% of doctors out there prefer you to have only one issue at a time when in their office, simple because they only get paid for one complaint, and most of the time I do respect that, so he was awesome when it came to me asking about more than 4 things in the appointment.

He saw the list and the look of horror on his face was priceless, almost wish I had the camera ready. He did ask if we’d get to it all in time, so I read off the list in about 2 seconds, and said, “Not a problem doc, most are all connected issues anyway”. He relax a bit, and when I told him two of the items were minor – some prescription refills, and a renewal for my blood work standing order – he relaxed and got that out-of-the-way in a hurry.

Of course, anytime my back/arm were mentioned he’d laugh at me regarding the hospital visit. In fact it was the first thing he said to me, “So, a towel whip, eh?” And giggled. I am SO not living this down, ever. I did correct him that it wasn’t a towel, but my hand that was whipped, but that didn’t make it any less funny for him.

First on my “let’s fix this” list, was the hysterectomy. He brought up the ultrasound results, and within seconds things ground to a halt for me. Apparently I have quite a dilated kidney*, or hydronephrosis apparently. Means I have a swollen kidney. Could be anything from a blocked tube to cancer. Though, considering my history with having fibroids and cysts in the general area, I would assume that the problem is infection or blockage.

He wanted to know if I had any pain, I said mild and that I assumed it was ovary pains. He asked when it started, and I was not helpful by saying always. I think he was trying to figure out how long this thing has been swollen? Couldn’t tell ya doc. I forget WHAT he asked me, but it was something about how did that happen or something along those lines, I really think he wanted me to answer him, I of course just laughed and said “You’re the doctor, aren’t you suppose to tell ME this sort of thing?” He was quite puzzled, and kept muttering to himself how much he didn’t like this.

So, with that out-of-the-way, the end result of my visit was good, all but some of the extra blood tests I wanted, were dealt with, and in under 15 minutes. Even got told I was an amazing patient. I tend to be very organized (have a list and my questions written out every time) and know what I need, I assume that’s what he means.


The end results, I am getting all my prescriptions, I have my new standing order for my thyroid blood work for TWO years instead of 1, I have a “prescription” for massage therapy for my back/neck/arm issue (Awesome!), he will refer me to a specialist about my hysterectomy (better agree to it, dammit), and I will be called for a CT scan regarding my kidney(s) in about a week or two he figures.

All in all, not bad for one visit. 2 things “solved” and one new problem.

And now I am singing “2 steps forward, one step back” …. Get it out of my head!


*I do have to wonder if this will add to my sleep issues? But pretty sure that is completely, and totally, related to the adoption records. OH! Right, he did make a note in my records about my sleeping … So I have a feeling THAT might get revisited. grr Was worried he wasn’t going to give me my pills for it. But he did, AND a refill. I’m good.

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