Avoidance isn’t always the key…

… just sometimes.

So as I have mentioned before, we have a tight budget. Sometimes it is over whelming, and I admittedly solve this by ignoring ALL the bills and just paying what we can. So far, this method has worked. “They” seem content to leave us alone as long as we are making an effort.

Oh, sure, we have one or two that we just can’t touch (Both government payments), one will have a payment plan in the next month or two, while the other … long story, but can kiss my butt and just wait until end of the year before I make payments.

All that said, I decided to check the bills today, just to see how bad it really was. I braced myself, waiting until I was alone so I could juggle the HELL out of our budget if needed.

I was pleasantly surprised! ALL of the bills, save one, were significantly lower than what I had budgeted. The one was only a few cents lower. One even appeared to be permanently lowered for the monthly payments. No clue why, I looked the bill over, no extra credits or change in the plan we have. So all I can figure out is it may be a CRTC thing and the price itself is lowered?


Whatever the reason? It has made me a VERY happy girl! Still damned tired (but that’s health stuff), but yeah, that was a shot in the arm that was very sorely needed.

Amazing how small things can add a big boost to the mood.

Still have to be cautious with the money, nothing new there, but NOW I won’t feel guilty if I buy cream for my coffee, or whatever small “extra” we use/need.

I’d do a happy dance, but I think I’d fall over. 😀

I guess the moral? When at your darkest, look for the small things, sometimes they help the most.


…I think my cat just farted! That’s my cue to go to bed. WHEW. Smelly!

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