In a good place today

I am pretty sure having … wait, this will be MUCH TMI, so if you want to walk away? Do so now. No hard feelings. But, for those that like dirty details? umm I guess keep reading?







Some dots so the TMI is not front and center on the preview of Facebook. See how nice I am?

Ok, so on to the details.

With my health – physical and mental – and hubby’s mental health, sex is a rarity. Lately, we have both been more or less in the mood, just no energy, and my month-long period has NOT been a help in that area. SO, when my period seemed to be more or less gone last night, and hubby woke up when I came to bed, I jumped on the chance (ha! huh, huh get it?)!

Now, both of us can be, squeamish, when it comes to me and my period, so thankfully we had one condom left. Which, was a benefit for many reasons, one being clean up, and another being hubby’s sensitivity. (Sorry hun, you KNEW when you married me, I am a pervert and have NO trouble talking about sex. Deal with it.)

All that added up to me having an AMAZING time! (Don’t worry! He had a good time too, I am NOT selfish!!) I don’t think we have had such a marathon in … hmm years! Ok, since my dear, amazing, darling husband will probably read this, I won’t embarrass him with any more details. But MAN was he just, WOW!!

Now, all this to say? The last few days my mood has SLOWLY been improving, but last night/this morning just pushed me up and over the edge of my hole and launched me about 20 feet from it! Seriously. It’s amazing what sex can do for body, mind, and just WOW!

I am going to hold on to this for as long as possible! AND I am going to keep the hope alive that once I have my hysterectomy (the will give me one on pain of death!) that this can and WILL be a MUCH more regular thing.


Mmm I could sleep for weeks I am so happy.

OH! Also, it has put me in a place to stay for the record, if WHEN I get my hysterectomy, and my kidney checks out fine, I WILL be getting back on that treadmill, and I WILL be more active. I AM going to get in to a shape OTHER than round.

*dances away* Get THOSE images out of your mind, bitches!! 😀 ❤

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