Right then

So, I had my doctor’s appointment today, and I am still confused as to why the receptionist said I could/should make an appointment?

Hey, at least it was all good news (what he told me). My lymph-nodes in my neck are shrinking, so whatever I was fighting off for the last billion years (over a year?) is finally going away (all in my kidney now. ha ha ha!), my TSH/thyroid is amazing, down to .65 (or .68?) it it nice and “hot” for me. in Canada the range is STILL wrong, at .5 – 5.5. Many place are using a new system of 0.3 to 3.0. My ideal target is near 1 so .65 (.68) is great. Might explain why my depression “broke” rather suddenly and why I have had the odd bursts of energy? Whatever, as long as it stays more or less level, I’m a happy girl.

As for the kidney function tests? He skirted that, since it was at the hospitals request specifically for the CT scan. PLUS he DID say he wanted to leave anything to do with the kidney until after the scan. I suspect he is anxious to know about it, make sure nothing serious.

Nothing he said specifically, just little things, like how he asked me 4 times if/when it was going to be done, the fact he said the sooner the better so we can get it done and know what is what, and, he also said he’d leave the blood work for those doing the test because “they will be able to piece all together and tell us what is wro going on.”

Mind, I am in a good place right now, so not going to let it bother me. After all, there are so many things it could be, most benign, and with out the tests done? No point in letting it get to me right now. Could be nothing.

He also asked about my appointment regarding my hysterectomy, he seems very sure I will be getting what I want. I sure hope so! I am so done with my period, I wanted a divorce from it for over a decade! hehe

So, overall, I’d say it was a good appointment? Though, he did seem a bit … off? Not sure how, or why, just … maybe rushed? His recall of pst appointments wasn’t as spot on, and he just didn’t seem relaxed. I am 90% sure it wasn’t to do with me specifically? Though, he did seem worse as the appointment went on. Which makes me think he was rushed. Didn’t really give it much thought at the time, as it wasn’t a major change, or very noticeable. It was as I was recalling what was said to blog that I really started to remember his demeanor. He was almost 15 minutes late for me, but at 2:15 in the afternoon, I had a late appointment so delay is expected.

oh well, who knows.

OH! HEY! I had a short-term memory that didn’t escape me! Amazing! !!1!!11 <— loads of stuff because hey, it’s the internet, I’m in a good mood (sick husband aside šŸ˜‰ ), and I am remembering things1! That’s rare for me. AND we have been having rain, which normally brings me down, BUT is so badly needed it is more like liquid sunshine! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

Do I sound bad if I say I can’t wait for the husband and kid to go away for a week or two? I just want the house to myself because I want to dance, and sing, and maybe even wash my floors!

The only “bad” thing right now is lack of money. Three days until pay-day, and we are at the point of living off leftovers, KD, bread, and noodles. Not that much different than usual, just fewer choices. Either way we all usually end up eating something different and whining we have nothing good to eat even when we have lots of choices. LOL

Though, it does suck that a T-shirt I REALLY want (Jared’s new campaign) is over THE day before we get our money, and a couple of sale items end then too. Seriously, WHY end sales on a Thursday? Most people get paid Friday or end of month, so Friday end is better, can pick up sale items Friday, and then NEW sale items on the Saturday. Makes sense to me. dorks! Ahh well, only one of the items was a HUGE savings, the rest were only a bit cheaper, not huge budget busters.

Ok, I will stop here. I ramble more when happy, so forgive me … but I am NOT sorry. hehe

MUSIC! <–random, because my phone just started playing for no reason. And I am on a HUGE music kick these days. It has healed my mind and “soul” amazingly. It is the duct tape of the mind.

NOW I am leaving …

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