Specialist appointment report.

So I had my appointment with the gynecologist today. Started off not so great. I expect to wait for a doctor, especially as I show up early, what I don’t expect is for them to take someone else when it is already over 10 minutes past my scheduled time. Not a huge deal normally, I am usually very patient in that regard, but today I had the kid with me (shopping after the appointment), and he choose to stay in the car. I had left him the keys so he could have A/C, but still.

So 35 minutes after my scheduled time I got into the doctor. The usual round of questions, checked my lungs and stuff, and in for the “check up”. HOLY CRAP. the pain was, man, not THE worst cramping I’ve had, but darn close. Need to send off a sample of the uterus to make sure all was good.

BUT!! long story short(er), I am getting my hysterectomy!! AND chances are, I’ll be getting it as soon as September. Happy birthday to me!!

One less thing to affect my moods and my health. No more monthly crap to deal with.

I seriously feel like dancing. 😀

I just need to remember to have the results of my CT scan sent to her to make sure that the kidney and all the internal things aren’t going to be an issue.

BUT I AM GETTING IT!! *dances*

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